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Tesla Now Lets You Rent Solar Panels in the US

Tesla is making it easier to utilize solar energy which has the potential to meet the electricity needs of people effectively saving them a lot of money on electricity bills. The company has rolled out a rental program that will let you rent solar roofs for prices as low as $65 per month. The mid-sized and large panels will cost you $130 and $195 respectively. Also, these monthly rental prices include the costs for the panels, all essential hardware, installation, support, and maintenance. Impressive, right? “With the new lower Tesla pricing, it’s like having a money printer on your roof if you live a state with high electricity costs,” said Elon Musk in a tweet. You can also make a permanent purchase of these solar panels which will cost you $7,581, $15,162, and $22,743 respectively after federal income tax credits. By switching to solar panels, you can save up to $500 per year in your electricity bills. The best part is that you can cancel the service anytime you want. Currently,..
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