Firefox for Android Will Soon Migrate to the Revamped ‘Preview’ Version

Having renamed its Firefox Fenix browser on Android to Firefox Preview last year, Mozilla has announced plans to roll out a new version of Firefox Nightly based on the Preview version. The new Preview-based browser has apparently been in testing for the past six months and will start rolling out to existing Firefox for Android users via the Nightly app from January 21st. According to the non-profit software firm, the new browser will bring a bunch of new UI elements in keeping with some of the latest design languages to give the age-old browser and refreshed look and feel. “For current Nightly users, it’ll feel like a big exciting upgrade of their browsing experience once they update the app, either manually or automatically, depending on their preset update routine”, said the company in an official blog post. The new software is based on Mozilla’s in-house GeckoView browser engine just like the regular Firefox, so users can rest assured that it will still offer the highest level of ..
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