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iOS 13 Dark Mode vs Android Q Dark Mode

Every year we get new versions of iOS and Android — two of the world’s most popular mobile operating systems, and every year, we get busy discussing features that iOS doesn’t have but Android does, and vice-versa. However, this year, both Android (with Android Q beta) and iOS (with iOS 13 beta) have finally offered a native dark mode. It’s surprising because people have been asking for a dark mode for ages. In fact, on the Android side of things, many manufacturers have had a dark mode for quite some time — EMUI and One UI come to mind, but still getting a dark mode in stock Android is a pretty big deal; so is getting a dark mode on iOS, by the way. So, which dark mode is better? Let’s take a look. Enabling, Disabling, and Flexibility First things first, let’s take a look at something that can be objectively discussed — the ease of enabling both of these dark modes, and the flexibility they offer users in their current state of development. On Android, the dark mode can be enabled i..
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