WhatsApp Will Stop Running on These iOS And Android Devices From January 1

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps on the market, will stop supporting older iPhone and Android devices as of January 1, 2021. According to recent reports, the messaging giant will stop supporting devices running on operating systems. lower than iOS 9 or Android 4.0.3.

So if you have an old Android or iOS smartphone that doesn’t run the above-mentioned OS versions, make sure to update your device before the new year rolls around. Otherwise, you will have to say goodbye to your WhatsApp contacts as you will not be able to send them any more messages.

Now, this is not a major problem for smartphone users in today’s world as most of them already have the latest operating system installed on their devices. But, there are some users with very old iOS also Android devices that are incompatible with iOS 9 also Android 4.0.3.

Update your iOS or Android device right now

Among Apple devices, any iPhone before iPhone 4S is not compatible with iOS 9. So, for users who are still using iPhone 3GS or the original iPhone, it is time for you to update your smartphone. As for other iOS devices, all models above iPhone 6 are compatible with the latest iOS 14 software. Even models like the first generation iPhone 5, 5S, and SE support up to iOS 12. So if An iPhone user still running iOS 8, update your software by going to Settings> General> Software Update to continue using WhatsApp in 2021.

Now, users using Android devices like Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy S2, and HTC Desire will not be able to use WhatsApp in 2021. This is because older Android devices are not compatible with Android 4.0.3. However, if you are using an Android device that is compatible with Android 4.0.3 and you still have an older version, please update your device before January 1 if you don’t want to lose WhatsApp.

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