WhatsApp Audio/Video Calls on Desktop and Web

With almost everyone trapped at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we witnessed a massive increase in voice and video calls among users. To keep up with the demand and offer users another platform to communicate with their loved ones, WhatsApp has started to implement support for voice and video calls in its desktop applications.

The Facebook-owned messaging giant, despite the reaction to its controversial policy update, has been adding a ton of features. Now WhatsApp has finally added support for voice and video calls to its Windows and Mac applications.

WhatsApp announced the feature through an official blog post. According to the publication, the company experienced a significant increase in the number of audio and video calls last year. In fact, on New Year’s Eve, users broke the record for the most calls made in a single day. The number of audio and video calls increased to 1.4 billion that day.

So now, the company has started to implement call support in its desktop applications. This, according to WhatsApp, will make it easier to work with colleagues, free your hands, and see your loved ones on a larger canvas.

For the video calling feature to work smoothly on larger screens, the developers made sure to program the portrait and landscape orientation to work with any screen size. Also, during a video call, users can change the size of the call window. Also, the call window always remains on top of the user’s window stack.

Now if you remember, we saw WhatsApp test this feature in December of last year. At the time, it was available to a limited number of users. Fortunately, Anmol from our team was able to test the feature at that time. So, you can see how to make audio or video calls from WhatsApp Web or Desktop App via the attached link.

Currently, the audio/video calls feature in desktop applications only works with individual calls. This, according to WhatsApp, is to ensure that users get a reliable connection and high-quality call experience. The company says they will “expand this feature to include group voice and video calls in the future.”

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