5.Type 63

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In the beta version of Black Ops Cold War, the Type 63 was disgusting. He got a lot of nerfs, which made the weapon useless.

In terms of other weapons, you can still hold your own in the more distant battles of COD: Warzone. However, it’s not the first choice players should consider when deciding which weapon to take from a load drop.


Featured Image: Activision

Unfortunately, the M82 is a forgotten weapon from the Black Ops Cold War. Nor will it serve anyone in Warzone. While it’s not a bad sniper rifle by any means, the others just blow it out of the water.

Unless players are looking for challenges with this weapon, it is best left in the locker. This Tundra also Pellington are way beyond this M82 sniper rifle in terms of usability.


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This is another example of a forgotten Cold War weapon from Black Ops. QBZ-83 has no problems. However, the other weapons in the assault rifle category are much better.

Compared to those or even some of the Modern Warfare assault rifles that Warzone players will be using, this AR will be outmatched almost every time. It will take a Warzone Master Player to use this against the other falling Armories.


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1.KSP 45

Featured Image: Activision

The KSP 45 is considered one of the worst weapons in the Black Ops Cold War. The exploded machine gun is simply not touched. In multiplayer, it has no value.

There is nothing that can change that uselessness into the utility in Warzone. The KSP 45 should be avoided at all costs, due to its strange functions and its inability to be truly masterful in any situation.

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