When it comes to strategy in Among Us, most of the techniques and tactics revolve around playing as an impostor and getting your way with murder, but sometimes, it helps to have a plan to catch the impostors among you.

Staying one step ahead of impostors and coordinating with the other crewmates is a great way to make the investigation process as fun and involved as possible.

Of course, each strategy will have a counter-strategy, and it is up to both crewmates and impostors to adapt and develop strategies to beat each other. However, these are excellent tips to start your research on the right foot.

Finding the impostors Among Us

Before embarking on any real methodology, the crewmates investigating in Among Us must be aware of a few things. First, research requires a degree of confidence in one’s abilities.

Very often crew members suggest that someone is suspicious, only to give them the benefit of the doubt for no apparent reason. If someone seems very suspicious and there is almost no possibility that it was someone else, dismiss them.

That is not to say that the crew should comply with all the accusations at random, but rather that the crew cannot always afford to resist with complete certainty. With good impostors, there will almost always be some uncertainty. The impostors’ job is to exploit that uncertainty, and the crew’s job is to see through it.

Coordination is king

Depending on the specific characteristics of each player’s Among Us playgroup, team coordination can be something easy and natural that happens on a whim or something that is more like herding cats.

Regardless, any degree of coordination will make it easier for crewmates when it comes to finding impostors.

Coordination in Among Us can amount to something as simple as organizing a group for a hard clean with the medbay scanner or dividing players into pairs to keep an eye on each other.

In general, no matter how strong or united an individual strategy is because whatever happens, the impostors among us will eventually find a way to circumvent it or turn it against the crew.

Keep track of other players

In general, Among Us players tend to play very differently when playing impostors or crewmates. This is because they are more concerned with achieving the goal in front of them, and can often forget the underlying mind game.

Between us, the crewmates can use this to their advantage and try to notice if someone is playing out of place. If someone who talks a lot suddenly becomes very quiet in meetings, it might be worth calling.

Likewise, if someone is known for simply moving from one task to another and suddenly doing nothing for long periods, then it is necessary to analyze it.

Take risks

When it comes to Among Us, there is no perfect game. At a certain point, players will have to take risks. These could mean anything from voting for someone without certainty or staying close to someone who seems suspicious.

As long as these risks are taken with care, it may be what leads the investigation to its conclusion and ultimately leads to discovering who the impostors are.

A common strategy in some Among Us playgroups is to entice an impostor to kill someone so that the crew can determine exactly who did it through the elimination process.

Of course, there are risks and it is always possible for a soft-spoken impostor to emerge from a suspicious situation.

No matter what, it is important to form a plan and carry it out. At the end of the day, having any plan is better than just wandering around in hopes of bumping into someone red-handed.

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