Tesla to build its new 5 million sq Ft.Electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Texas

As the demand for electric vehicles gradually increases in the market, Tesla increases its supply solutions by opening mass manufacturing plants for its vehicle lines. Now, the company recently confirmed that it will open another 5 million square foot Tesla factory in Austin, Texas.

The announcement came from CEO Elon Musk at the recent second-quarter earnings meeting. Before the final decision, there were many discussions about places like Oklahoma, Tulsa, and a few other cities. However, a $ 65 million tax refund agreement by Travis County and a district school-led Musk to choose Austin as the final location.

Now speaking about the location, the Tesla boss looked very excited and said, “It will be close to Austin, five minutes from Austin International Airport and about 15 minutes from downtown Austin.”

Currently, the proposed land has a concrete plant and is located in the southeast neighborhood of the airport. Soon there will be a large Tesla manufacturing plant that will mass-produce the next Tesla Cybertruck, the Semi Truck, the popular Tesla Model 3, and even the Model Y. According to the company, there will be jobs for about 5,000 people at the factory for Tesla has promised Offer a starting salary of $ 15 per employee.

Tesla and controversies: a better love story than

Now, before the decision was made, there were many controversies, as is often the case with Tesla and Musk. Before the final decision, many citizens came out to remind the county commissioner of past problems with the other Tesla factories with cases related to worker safety, labor relations unionism, and environmental impact.

However, Musk was able to acquire the land and obtain permission to build the manufacturing plant. The CEO was also pleased to announce that upon completion of the plant, the area will be open to the public for various recreational opportunities as the land, according to Elon, is an “ecological paradise.”

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