PUBG Mobile is possibly the most famous battle royale game on the mobile platform. This game has amassed a massive player base and shows no signs of slowing down.

In India, however, the last few months have not been the best for fans and players of this game, as the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology imposed a ban.

Since then, they have been waiting for the return of their beloved title. And a week ago, fans finally got some good news. PUBG Corporation, in a press release, announced a special version of PUBG Mobile for Indian users, leaving gamers ecstatic and excited about the return of their favorite game.

Changes in the Indian version of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Corporation also stated that the content of the game would be improved to meet the needs and match the preferences of the local player. So, PUBG Mobile India would be slightly different from the global version.

These are some of the important changes:

  1. Hit Effect: The hit effect will turn green, indicating the virtual nature of the game. Players can change this color in the global version, but it is expected to be green in the Indian version.
  2. Default Character Clothing: All characters in the game will likely be fully dressed by default.
  3. Feature to restrict playing time for younger players: restrictions on playing time would be put in place to promote healthy gaming habits and culture.

Exclusive esports league for the Indian region

Company also announced its plans to host an esports league exclusively for the Indian region. It will lead to the further development of game on competitive front.

PUBG Mobile India also released various teaser / announcement trailers for the next iteration on their social media identifiers. These clips featured some popular PUBG Mobile influencers: Dynamo, Kronten, and Jonathan. The trailer is expected to provide players with the exact release date of the game.

Additionally, players will likely be able to migrate data from the global version to the Indian version.

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Lots of PUBG Mobile players ask “How to get more kills and chicken dinners?“. The answer is pretty easy: practice, practice, practice!

It has also been observed that some players do not get more kills even though they are at ‘Ace‘ level. There are many PUBG players who have passed level 50 but still have less than five KD.

 Here are top 5 tips, on how to get more kills.

1. Play Solo VS Squad

Solo VS Squad PUBG Mobile(Source: Pinterest)

Playing in a squad is extremely different from playing alone. You are much faster on your own and you also have more loot to yourself. You make your own decisions and if you die you will learn from it and do things differently next time. Since you have no teammates to help you kill enemies, all kills will be there waiting for you.

2. Get the Airdrops

PUBG Air Drop(Source: UHD Wallpaper)

If you can’t find enemies, look for a nearby airdrop. Everybody wants an AWM and level 3 armor, so if an airdrop is coming, always do it. Chances are high that enemy squads want it too.

3.Always Have a Vehicle and Move Fast

PUBG Mobile Vehicle(Source: Android Authority)

I cannot stress enough how important time is. The hard part is not killing enemies, but finding enough enemies before the game is over. By using vehicles you will travel much faster and they will also protect you from gunfire.

4. Dont Waste Time on Looting, Let the Enemies Loot for You

PUBG Mobile Loot(Source: MobiGyaan)

Pick one weapon quickly before the others and push them. Everyone you kill has at least looted something useful that you will get. Whether it’s a first aid kit, a level 2 vest, an M416 or just ammo, no matter what it is, it’s better than wasting time looting houses because in the meantime you’ve killed yourself.

5. Land in Hot Places

Depending upon the path of the plane and the nearest hot-drop, always try to land in Novorepnoye, Military Base, Pochinki, or Georgopol. While there are numerous players in 1 place, there is usually more loot. After leaving the landing area for the next city, you should have between 5 and 10 kills.

PUBG Mobile Corporation recently announced that they no longer have plans to authorize the development of PUBG Mobile in India to Tencent Games.

This action was taken after India banned 118 Chinese apps including PUBG Mobile,Which made PUBG to cut its ties with the Chinese Tech Giant TENCENT in India to avoid the Ban.

Before the Ban, PUBG Mobile was widely popular in India will more than 40 million active users.

PUBG Corp is looking for a new Publisher / firm / gaming company or open a dedicated company of their own.

The game is looking for an Indian partner, where only a licensing agreement will be made, and PUBG Corp will retain its publishing rights.

The Indian gaming firm / company will be responsible for distributing the game across the country. However, there are no official updates yet from PUBG Mobile India Corp or PUBG Corp.

Many sources says about Reliance Jio taking over the PUBG Mobile partnership license in India, but there is no Official Confirmation Yet.

However Jio during the Launch of PUBG PC Lite on India had partnership with them last year.

This highly increases the chance of Jio in buying the distribution rights of PUBG Mobile in India.

However Finding a New India-based distributor may not be the only solution for the country’s restriction of Game. Indian government sent over 70 queries to PUBG as soon as the ban was implemented.

Hope the queries will be cleared soon and the Game will be back in India.

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PUBG Mobile season 15 is just around the corner, and various leaks have started to appear on the internet for the upcoming Royale Pass. According to the leaks, the Season 15 Royale Pass will be based on the theme of the Moon. Players will be able to see a kind of skins and outfits with a moon symbol on them.

In addition to the central theme, the developers will further add many new, interesting and fascinating rewards, which will make the Season 15 Royale Pass even more special.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 logo (Image credits: Sportskeeda)

PUBG Mobile Season 15 RP Reward Leaks

1. Rose Moon Dacia Skin

The Dacia four-wheeler skin is the first reward leaked by data miners. It comes in pink and is called ‘Rose Moon Dacia’. Additionally, players can also see a moon symbol on it. The skin can be unlocked at level 20 of the Season 15 Royale Pass.

Rose Moon Dacia Skin (Image Credits: Sportskeeda)

2. M762 Beryl skin

This upcoming M762 Beryl skin will be featured in the free version of Season 15 Royale Pass. The yellow and black color mixture provides a premium look to the skin, moreover, its clear pattern makes the skin of the weapon even more attractive. It is said that it will be available at level 50.

M762 Beryl skin (Image Credits: Sportskeeda)

3. Kar98k Skin

The rarest reward for the next Royale Pass will be the Kar98k skin. But, the name of the skin has still to be revealed, but the final look of the skin has been seen in the PUBG Mobile 1.0.0 beta. The skin comes with a blue tape wrapped around the entire body of the weapon, followed by a black finish.

Kar98k Skin (Image Credits: Sportskeeda)

PUBG Mobile Season 15 release date

The current season of PUBG Mobile will end on September 13. As a result, PUBG Mobile Season 15 is likely to launch on September 15, 2020.

As always, the game servers will be down for maintenance.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground mobile has several achievements and titles to conquer. PUBG mobile fans spend countless hours completing those achievements. Well, who doesn’t want to show off having great titles while gaming? Whenever you join a PUBG mobile match lobby, you can see the names of some players displayed above them along with a title like Weapon Master, Pacifist, Marksman, and others. These degrees can be achieved by completing the required tasks.

PUBG Mobile has a really popular title that every player wants to get, and that is the title of “Weapons Master” . To get this PUBG Mobile title, you need to complete the following tasks: –

  • Kill an enemy with an assault rifle.
  • Kill an enemy with SMG.
  • Kill an enemy with a shotgun.
  • Kill an enemy with Throwable.
  • Kill an enemy with Vehicle.
  • Kill an enemy with sniper rifles.

All these tasks must be completed in a single race, that is, in a single game and you must play a classic game with Platinum level and higher. So, since you now have the essence of the title and the requirements to achieve it, I am going to tell you the easiest way to obtain the title of Weapon Master.

Just follow these steps:

  • Join a classic Duo / Squad game with your friends (make sure you are platinum level or higher).
  • Select the Miramar map and tell your friends not to kill a bot when they see it.
  • Release in sin or Treasury.
  • Loot (do not loot the same type of weapons).
  • Survive at the launch site while eliminating the enemy with different weapons.
  • The main problem will be to kill an enemy with a sniper rifle, a vehicle, and throwing objects.
  • Hold an AR use it to hit enemies then kill them with molly or grenade.
  • Take a car and go to a place where no other player can disturb you and start shooting with the weapons without a silencer.
  • The previous step will attract bots. When they come, just drive through them or make it easy by taking them down with your gun and then finishing them off with your car.
  • For sniper kills you can do the same.

This, if done correctly, can help you get the title. In any case, if you have any questions, tell us in the comment section and we will try to solve them.

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