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PUBG Mobile season 15 is just around the corner, and various leaks have started to appear on the internet for the upcoming Royale Pass. According to the leaks, the Season 15 Royale Pass will be based on the theme of the Moon. Players will be able to see a kind of skins and outfits with a moon symbol on them.

In addition to the central theme, the developers will further add many new, interesting and fascinating rewards, which will make the Season 15 Royale Pass even more special.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 logo (Image credits: Sportskeeda)

PUBG Mobile Season 15 RP Reward Leaks

1. Rose Moon Dacia Skin

The Dacia four-wheeler skin is the first reward leaked by data miners. It comes in pink and is called ‘Rose Moon Dacia’. Additionally, players can also see a moon symbol on it. The skin can be unlocked at level 20 of the Season 15 Royale Pass.

Rose Moon Dacia Skin (Image Credits: Sportskeeda)

2. M762 Beryl skin

This upcoming M762 Beryl skin will be featured in the free version of Season 15 Royale Pass. The yellow and black color mixture provides a premium look to the skin, moreover, its clear pattern makes the skin of the weapon even more attractive. It is said that it will be available at level 50.

M762 Beryl skin (Image Credits: Sportskeeda)

3. Kar98k Skin

The rarest reward for the next Royale Pass will be the Kar98k skin. But, the name of the skin has still to be revealed, but the final look of the skin has been seen in the PUBG Mobile 1.0.0 beta. The skin comes with a blue tape wrapped around the entire body of the weapon, followed by a black finish.

Kar98k Skin (Image Credits: Sportskeeda)

PUBG Mobile Season 15 release date

The current season of PUBG Mobile will end on September 13. As a result, PUBG Mobile Season 15 is likely to launch on September 15, 2020.

As always, the game servers will be down for maintenance.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground mobile has several achievements and titles to conquer. PUBG mobile fans spend countless hours completing those achievements. Well, who doesn’t want to show off having great titles while gaming? Whenever you join a PUBG mobile match lobby, you can see the names of some players displayed above them along with a title like Weapon Master, Pacifist, Marksman, and others. These degrees can be achieved by completing the required tasks.

PUBG Mobile has a really popular title that every player wants to get, and that is the title of “Weapons Master” . To get this PUBG Mobile title, you need to complete the following tasks: –

  • Kill an enemy with an assault rifle.
  • Kill an enemy with SMG.
  • Kill an enemy with a shotgun.
  • Kill an enemy with Throwable.
  • Kill an enemy with Vehicle.
  • Kill an enemy with sniper rifles.

All these tasks must be completed in a single race, that is, in a single game and you must play a classic game with Platinum level and higher. So, since you now have the essence of the title and the requirements to achieve it, I am going to tell you the easiest way to obtain the title of Weapon Master.

Just follow these steps:

  • Join a classic Duo / Squad game with your friends (make sure you are platinum level or higher).
  • Select the Miramar map and tell your friends not to kill a bot when they see it.
  • Release in sin or Treasury.
  • Loot (do not loot the same type of weapons).
  • Survive at the launch site while eliminating the enemy with different weapons.
  • The main problem will be to kill an enemy with a sniper rifle, a vehicle, and throwing objects.
  • Hold an AR use it to hit enemies then kill them with molly or grenade.
  • Take a car and go to a place where no other player can disturb you and start shooting with the weapons without a silencer.
  • The previous step will attract bots. When they come, just drive through them or make it easy by taking them down with your gun and then finishing them off with your car.
  • For sniper kills you can do the same.

This, if done correctly, can help you get the title. In any case, if you have any questions, tell us in the comment section and we will try to solve them.

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PUBG Mobile has a wide variety of beautiful awesome weapons and costume designs. Although these items do not enhance the gameplay in any way, everyone wants to acquire them.

Most of those cool things are listed in the in-game shop and can be bought with UC, which is PUBG Mobile’s in-game currency.

Buying UC is not a viable option for everyone. Therefore some of the players are looking for ways to get it for free.

How to get UC for free in PUBG Mobile in August 2020

Obtaining free UC is not simply a matter of clicks, and players have to perform numerous tasks to get in-game currency.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards (Source: FlashSaleTricks)

Google Opinion Rewards is a famous mobile application developed by Google. It has been downloaded more than 10 million times and has a rating of 4.3 on the Play Store. The application rewards users with game credits for answering simple surveys.

Players can utilize those credits to obtain UC in PUBG Mobile. However, the amount varies from survey to survey.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks (Source: Money Peach)

Swagbucks is a renowned GPT (paid) website used by millions of users around the world. Reward players with ‘SB’ for completing various tasks like quizzes, polls, and more. The cash withdrawal option varies by region. Players can redeem Google Play gift cards or a voucher from an online store.

Users can also withdraw money through PayPal, which can be used to purchase UC in-game.

Various other GPT sites, such as PrizeRebel and GrabPoints, can also be used to earn PUBG Mobile UC for free.

Another young man lost his life to PUBG Mobile addiction earlier this week. Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has everyone trapped at home to slow the spread. This has led many young people to turn to gamble in their spare time.

A 16-year-old boy recently passed away while playing the popular Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile for days and days without taking any breaks. Not only did he skip meals, but he also forgot to drink water while preoccupied with gambling, The Hindu reported.

Due to his negligence, the 16-year-old became ill due to dehydration and was rushed to a private hospital. He tested negative for COVID-19 but suffered from severe diarrhea and died while undergoing treatment on Monday. He is said to be from the village of Jujjulakunta in Dwaraka Tirumala Mandal in the Western Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.

This is not the first loss related to “chromic addiction to mobile games” in India. In recent months, we’ve seen a 25-year-old succumb to death after going into cardiac arrest while yelling commands in the game. Another 16 years old recently spent more than Rs. 16 lakhs of his father’s savings on gambling items.

The Andhra Pradesh Crime Investigation Department (CID) police established a Foundation for Cyber ​​Peace and Prevention of Cybercrime Against Women and Children in response to this grave death. August has been declared “Cyber ​​Safety Month” and will see you educate the public, particularly students and youth who attend school and college, about cybercrime.

In its bid against the use of Chinese technology and apps in India, the government is said to be seeking to ban PUBG Mobile in India. It has already banned about 59 apps, including CamScanner, TikTok, and a host of Xiaomi apps in India.

OnePlus has partnered with PUBG Mobile to deliver 90fps gameplay on selected OnePlus phones. Support for 90 fps will remain exclusive to OnePlus phones from August 6 till September 6.

You can play PUBG Mobile at 90 FPS right now on OnePlus 8 series – OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, OnePlus 7T series – OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro, and OnePlus 7 Pro. It is now available on OnePlus phones worldwide except mainland China, Japan, and Korea.

It’s worth noting that the ability to play PUBG Mobile at 90fps will not go away after September 6. After a month of exclusivity, the mode may reach other non-OnePlus phones capable of running the game at 90fps.

The PUBG Mobile app offers various graphics settings, namely Smooth, Balanced, HD, HDR, and Ultra HD. 90fps in PUBG Mobile, unfortunately, you are limited to smooth graphics settings for now.

If you have a compatible OnePlus phone, you can go to PUBG Mobile’s graphics settings to play at 90fps. In the graphics settings, choose “Smooth” as Graphics and select “90 fps” in the frame rate settings to enable gameplay at 90 fps.

source: wccftech

This isn’t the first time OnePlus has partnered with gaming companies to bring exclusive features. The company brought a 90fps game in Fortnite to the OnePlus 8 series in May. OnePlus additionally partnered with Epic Games to add an exclusive Fortnite emote.

“OnePlus is very close to our community of tech enthusiasts, so we know that mobile gamers are looking for a more immersive and fluid experience. That is exactly what we are providing with this exclusive 90 FPS experience with PUBG MOBILE, one of the most downloaded mobile games in the world, “said OnePlus CEO Pete Lau in a statement.

If you’re a fan of PUBG Mobile, you’re probably concerned that the Indian government may ban the game very soon. Since the government banned 59 Chinese apps, PUBG was known to be on the radar soon too; and now it is

While it has not been decided so far whether PUBG Mobile will be banned in the country or not, it seems Tencent is in no mood to risk it. The company has updated its privacy policy for India and has been displaying pop-up in-game notifications to inform users of the change.

From what we can tell, the new privacy policy tries to align with the demands of foreign applications from the Indian government. The policy states that while it stores some user data for a variety of reasons, for Indian users, those servers are in India. The privacy policy also describes that the company’s support teams, who also have access to user data, are also present locally in India for Indian users.

We don’t know if these changes can put PUBG Mobile out of government view for now. However, India is considering 200 other apps, and PUBG Mobile is among them. We will only know more about this when Tencent Games or the Indian government decides to say something about it.

  • UC is used to purchase various items in the game but is somewhat expensive to obtain.
  • In this article, we take a look at one of the ways to get UC for free on PUBG Mobile.

UC is the in-game currency of PUBG Mobile, which players can use to obtain various items from the store. UC can also be used to purchase the royal pass, which provides players with many additional and unique rewards.

The in-game store has numerous exclusive skins, emoticons, costume sets, and characters that players can take advantage of. This means everyone wants to get these items, but to do so they require to use UC. However, not all users can buy UC since they need to spend real money to buy UC, so they are looking for ways to get it at no cost.

With that in mind, we discussed a method by which players can get free UC in PUBG Mobile Season 15.

How to get UC for free in PUBG Mobile Season 15

To get free UC, players can use the Rheo app, which is available on the Google Play Store.

The Rheo app?

Rheo is an Indian live streaming platform where players can interact with streamers, play in custom rooms, participate in raffles, and more. The application offers Rheo coins to view content and participate in the platform. These coins can be used to redeem UC easily on PUBG Mobile. It costs 600 Rheo Coins to buy 60 UC, 3000 Coins to buy 325 UC, and so on.

Players can use Rheo coins to purchase UC on PUBG Mobile

Users can get a card by watching a broadcast for 10 minutes and also an additional scratch card if they log in for seven consecutive days. Players can also collect free coins by logging into the app daily. You should have realized by now that this method provides UC, but it is somewhat slow since it would take a month to earn around 60 UC.

In that case, players can participate in the custom rooms created by streamers and emerge victorious, meeting all the conditions set by them. This is a faster way to earn free UC, as the winners are rewarded with Rheo coins.