Vi (formerly Vodafone Idea) was reportedly India’s fastest mobile operator in Q3 2020. That’s according to global internet speed test leader Ookla, which claims that the merged British and Indian company emerged as the leader in upload and download speeds in all three countries. months that ended on September 30, while Airtel and Jio ranked number two and three, respectively.

According to the report, Vi recorded average download speeds of 13.7 Mbps and average upload speeds of 6.19 Mbps during the period. Airtel came in second with an average download speed of 13.58Mbps and an average upload speed of 4.15Mbps, while Jio took the final position of the podium with download speeds of 9.71Mbps and upload speeds of 3.41Mbps on average.

The report further states that speeds differ significantly from city to city. Hyderabad apparently had the fastest average download speeds on mobile devices during this period at 14.35 Mbps, closely followed by Mumbai at 13.55 Mbps and Visakhapatnam at 13.40 Mbps. The slowest average download speeds on our list were measured in Nagpur (10 , 44 Mbps), Kanpur (9.45 Mbps) and Lucknow (8.67 Mbps).

According to a damning report from the same source earlier this week, overall connectivity speeds in India are significantly lower than some of our immediate neighbors, including Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Be that as it may, the country leads in terms of 4G availability, with up to 93.7% of the locations tested across the country showing the presence of 4G networks of one operator or another. Bangladesh followed with an availability of 78.6%, while Pakistan had the lowest 4G availability in the region during this period at 72.9%.

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PUBG Corporation is in talks with Reliance Jio to bring PUBG Mobile back to India, according to a report by Hindu Business Line. Citing an internal source, the report indicates that the talks are currently in the early stages and officials from both companies are working out the details on how a deal could be structured.

In early September, the Indian government issued a press release announcing the ban on PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. The government decided to ban these apps on the grounds that they were detrimental to the sovereignty and integrity of India, Defense of India, State Security and Public Order.

The game is not available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Even if you have it and are using an Indian ISP to connect, the game does not get a port assignment on the server, making it unplayable. PUBG Corporation is said to be looking for local partners to bring the game back to India.

Another source added that issues related to revenue sharing and location are being discussed. “Legal experts on both sides are exploring possibilities on how revenue should be split, either 50:50 or Jio guaranteeing PUBG revenue based on a fixed number of users each month,” the sources added. However, neither Reliance Jio nor PUBG Corporation has issued an official statement.

In the telecom industry today, Reliance Jio has created a distinct identity and trust among its users. In order to maintain this belief of the users, the company keeps offering new plans and offers every day.

Jio has many best plans for there users till date for data and calling. Of which you can select according to your requirement and usage.

Today we are going to tell you about a cheap plan of Reliance Jio here, in which you can take advantage of the convenience of 3GB data daily. This plan has been introduced keeping in mind the users doing work from home.

Reliance Jio plan for 349 rupees

Reliance Jio’s Rs 349 prepaid plan has a validity of 28 days and in these 28 days, you can avail the daily 3GB data.

If you are doing work from home then there is no need to wander around. Rather it can be the best plan for you. After getting the data in it, you will not have to face the problem of data exhaustion during work.

Benefits in Rs 349 plan

In this plan, users are being given the facility of daily 3GB high-speed data. That is, during the validity of 28 days you can avail a total of 84GB of data. Not only this, after the limit of data received in this plan is over, its speed decreases to 64 Kbps.

Will get free calling facility

If you are thinking about taking the prepaid 349 plan of Reliance Jio, then tell you that in addition to data, free calling is also available. Users can avail of free calling on Jio to Jio.

At the same time, users will get 1000 minutes for calling on other networks from Jio. Along with this, 100 SMS will also be received as other benefits. Not only this, you will also get a free subscription of Jio apps in this plan.

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Reliance Jio has released JioNews for Jio fiber users through Jio Internet Setup Box. 

Jio News is a digital news application where features, news, videos, magazines, newspapers, and photo galleries are available. 

The platform includes more than 350 e-papers, 800 magazines, and trending videos and photos. This application supports more than 12 languages

JioNews comes with several optimizations for better browsing and reading experience. Users can zoom in and out. 

Users can also choose between a full-page view and a full-screen view. Users can personalize the experience within the section of your paper. 

Other basic features include bookmarks for the magazine, choosing topics on trending topics, etc. JioNews also supports voice search.

Talking about other news related to other Jio, you are also getting 15GB of high-speed data in the data pack coming at the price of new Reliance Jio Rs 222.

Apart from this, let us tell you that in the new data plan of Jio’s Rs 222, you are getting this database plan for even validity. 

Apart from this, it is also coming out that you are getting a subscription of Disney + Hotstar in this Rs 222 data pack of Jio, although it is also coming that it is only for a select few users.

Let us also tell you that this plan has been introduced specially for those people, ie Jio’s Rs 222 data plan has been introduced for the current users of Jio, who have subscribed to Disney + Hotstar along with the annual plan Is not mixed 

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Reliance is holding its annual general body annual meeting, and the company is announcing a lot of things. Jio has already announced Jio TV + and Jio Glass, and now, the company has also unveiled its 5G plans for India.

The company says it is ready to start implementing Jio 5G as soon as the government allocates spectrum to operators. Additionally, Jio employees internally build the entire Jio 5G stack. That should be a great victory for the company. After all, and the entire Indian network could attract people, especially in today’s harsh weather.

Apart from this, the company talked about all the benefits and applications of 5G. Jio hopes his 5G network will transform every aspect of life in India. The company aims for better remote medical care, especially in rural areas, and the digitization of agriculture. Jio also spoke about 5G applications in autonomous cars.

Regardless, we don’t know much more about Jio’s 5G network right now, considering that the company made a fairly generic announcement. However, judging from Jio’s 4G networks, it may be the most affordable 5G network in India. At a minimum, that should incentivize other operators to quickly move to 5G and provide services at a competitive price. Therefore, it is a mutual benefit for us as consumers.