Reliance is holding its annual general body annual meeting, and the company is announcing a lot of things. Jio has already announced Jio TV + and Jio Glass, and now, the company has also unveiled its 5G plans for India.

The company says it is ready to start implementing Jio 5G as soon as the government allocates spectrum to operators. Additionally, Jio employees internally build the entire Jio 5G stack. That should be a great victory for the company. After all, and the entire Indian network could attract people, especially in today’s harsh weather.

Apart from this, the company talked about all the benefits and applications of 5G. Jio hopes his 5G network will transform every aspect of life in India. The company aims for better remote medical care, especially in rural areas, and the digitization of agriculture. Jio also spoke about 5G applications in autonomous cars.

Regardless, we don’t know much more about Jio’s 5G network right now, considering that the company made a fairly generic announcement. However, judging from Jio’s 4G networks, it may be the most affordable 5G network in India. At a minimum, that should incentivize other operators to quickly move to 5G and provide services at a competitive price. Therefore, it is a mutual benefit for us as consumers.