How To Send Messages In WhatsApp Using A Chat Shortcut

To send messages in Whatsapp using a chat shortcut, follow the simple steps. Let’s know about the chat shortcut in detail.

What is a chat shortcut

Talking about the chat shortcut given in WhatsApp, you can add any of your friends or family members to the home screen using it and you will not need to open WhatsApp to message it. After opening the add on the home screen, you can directly see the message of its member without opening WhatsApp and also reply. It can also be deleted from the home screen whenever you want.

How to use chat shortcut

  1. To use the chat shortcut given in WhatsApp, first open your WhatsApp account. Then press on the icon of that user.
  1. Right side three dots will appear as soon as you press on the icon. Click on it and there you will see the icon of ‘Add Shortcut‘.
  1. Click on the icon of the add shortcut and clicking on it, this chat box will show on the home screen of the phone.
  1. If you want to delete it from the home screen, for this you will have to press the chat icon for a while.
  1. After pressing, the option to remove will show and after tapping it the chat shortcut will be removed from the home screen.

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