Pubg Mobile – Will Jio be the New Partner after it’s Unban in India?

PUBG Mobile Corporation recently announced that they no longer have plans to authorize the development of PUBG Mobile in India to Tencent Games.

This action was taken after India banned 118 Chinese apps including PUBG Mobile,Which made PUBG to cut its ties with the Chinese Tech Giant TENCENT in India to avoid the Ban.

Before the Ban, PUBG Mobile was widely popular in India will more than 40 million active users.

PUBG Corp is looking for a new Publisher / firm / gaming company or open a dedicated company of their own.

The game is looking for an Indian partner, where only a licensing agreement will be made, and PUBG Corp will retain its publishing rights.

The Indian gaming firm / company will be responsible for distributing the game across the country. However, there are no official updates yet from PUBG Mobile India Corp or PUBG Corp.

Many sources says about Reliance Jio taking over the PUBG Mobile partnership license in India, but there is no Official Confirmation Yet.

However Jio during the Launch of PUBG PC Lite on India had partnership with them last year.

This highly increases the chance of Jio in buying the distribution rights of PUBG Mobile in India.

However Finding a New India-based distributor may not be the only solution for the country’s restriction of Game. Indian government sent over 70 queries to PUBG as soon as the ban was implemented.

Hope the queries will be cleared soon and the Game will be back in India.

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