PUBG Mobile: How to Get Free Royale Pass in Season 15

PUBG Mobile releases a new Royale Pass every season with great rewards. The biggest draw of the Royale Pass is the legendary and mythical costumes it offers. Along with the outfits, many new vehicle skins and weapon finishes are also included in various ranks in Royale Pass.

Each player who plays dreams of buying the Royale Pass and getting their favorite outfits and other skins in the game. These shiny outfits make a player’s in-game character much more attractive.

How to Get Free Royale Pass in Season 15

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards (Source: Xanjero)

Google Opinion Rewards is a great app that players can earn legitimate money with. After that, they can buy an Elite Royale Pass for him very easily. It’s very easy to earn money with Google Opinion Rewards.

You just have to complete a few surveys in the app, and it will reward you with real cash in your Google account. The money earned can be used directly to purchase UC in the UC purchase section of PUBG Mobile.

2. Redeeming Free UC From Bonus Challenge

Bonus Challenge (Source: Youtube)

PUBG Mobile has a really exciting in-game tournament system from which players can earn free UC for themselves. The tournament is called the Bonus Challenge and has various rewards.

A player can register for matches and earn battle points. These Battle Points can be redeemed in the Bonus Challenge store. A player will need 6000 Battle Points to redeem 600 UC from the store.

3. Buying Previous Season Royale Pass

Royal Pass (Source: Youtube)

If you have bought the Elite Royale Pass in the previous season, then there is no need to add additional UC and purchase the new Royale Pass for Season 15. Each season, a player gets their 600 UC redeemed by completing the Royale Pass missions.

There are 2 types of Royale Passes in PUBG Mobile. The first one is the Elite Royale Pass which costs 600 UC, while the second one is, the Elite Plus Royale Pass, which costs 1800 UC per player.

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