Two months later in Indian government banned PUBG Mobile with hundreds of other Chinese apps for safety reasons, PUBG Corporation is bringing this game back to the country. The company has published through a press release that it will bring the game back to India under a new name, “PUBG Mobile India”, which was created specifically for India. The news follows reports in recent days that the company is planning to return to India and is working with major streamers for an announcement, with announcements on Diwali.

In its press announcement, the company said: “Thanks to the overwhelming enthusiasm of the community for PUBG esports in India, the company also plans to spend in hosting exclusive Indian esports events, which will feature the most popular tournaments. big, the biggest prizes and the best tournament. productions “.

The game will come with changes tailored to the requirements of India. Especially when it comes to the security and privacy of gamers in India, the company says that it will “conduct regular audits and verifications of storage systems containing personally identifiable information of Indian users to tighten security and ensure that their data are managed safely. “

There will also be some changes to this game. The game will now have green impact markers and will be set in a virtual simulation training ground, according to the release. I’m not entirely sure exactly how this game will differ from the PUBG Mobile we know of, but hopefully, it won’t change much. The company has yet to announce a release date, but hopefully, we’ll learn more about it soon.

Featured Image: AFKGAMING

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