Polygon (MATIC) integrates its Blockchain datasets into Google BigQuery

Polygon has integrated its blockchain data sets into Google’s BigQuery to provide accurate on-chain data for the protocol.

Polygon, Ethereum’s Layer 2 solution formerly known as the Matic Network, announced today that its blockchain data sets will be integrated into Google Cloud.

Polygon comes to Google Cloud

The initiative aims to provide developers, data analysts, and crypto enthusiasts with a better understanding of the Polygon blockchain.

Google’s BigQuery would ensure that queries and deep analysis of Polygon’s chain data are carried out in a simple and organized manner using Google Cloud Platform.

The latter is a set of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products like Gmail, Google Search, etc. Google BigQuery, on the other hand, is a highly scalable, serverless hosted data warehouse. by Google Cloud.

With the Polygon dataset now included in the Google Cloud Marketplace, it opens up new possibilities including monitoring Polygon gas rates over time, monitoring calls and smart contract activities, multi-chain analytics for SDKs such as Polygon SDK, integration with traditional financial records processing systems. , determining the most active tokens, contracts, and dapps in Polygon, and audit trail.

DLT Analytics Challenge

As part of the above, Google Cloud and Polygon, along with 1729 from blockchain leader Balaji S, are hosting a DLT Analytics Challenge to showcase Polygon’s usefulness with up to $ 20,000 in prizes for the best submissions.

“This will be a major step towards analyzing and gaining insights from the ~6M txns/day that take place on Polygon and will go a long way towards growing and building the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems,”  the release reads.

Earlier this week, Polygon released the first version of its SDK network to allow developers to deploy ETH-compatible chains using the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The launch marks the start of Ethereum’s transition into a multi-chain ecosystem.

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