Pockit is A Small Modular Computer System That Could Be A Desktop or A Handheld

As computer technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, the idea of ​​a compact and modular computer system is gradually becoming a reality. In recent years, we have seen several companies such as Razer and AMD launch their version of compact and modular PCs. Recently, we even saw a startup called Framework develop a customizable laptop with tons of modularity. Now a small-scale developer has released a new pocket computing system that offers a ton of modularity options using magnet-based electronic blocks.

Pockit: a compact and modular computer

Dubbed PocKit, the little computer system comes as a 3D-printed box with a six-layer circuit board and a slot for a Raspberry Pi module. At the top, 12 magnetic connectors allow users to place various component blocks that snap onto the board magnetically. This offers users a lot of modularity options to use PocKit as a desktop or even as a handheld PC.

It looks and sounds similar to Google’s Project Ara, under which the company began experimenting with modular smartphones. However, unlike Google’s project, PocKit is essentially a computer system rather than a smartphone module.

How does it work?

The system supports various additional components, such as a cooling fan, an HDMI port connector, USB port connectors, various electronic sensors, and even LCD. Once the component blocks are magnetically attached to the system, they instantly start working.

Additionally, with the Raspberry Pi acting as the brain and PocKit’s internal microchip controller running as an accelerator, users can run Raspberry Pi OS or any other operating system on the system.

The developer, named Anil (u / Solder_Man on Reddit), began working on the project in 2019. Since then, he has been able to optimize and improve the device based on feedback from the Reddit community. He recently shared a demo video on the official PocKit YouTube channel.

In this video, he showed how the PocKit can be transformed into a fully functional desk using some magnetic modules. After this, the developer also showed how it can be turned into a laptop using a drum module, a keyboard module, and some other block-based modules.

You can watch the video below.


Now, it’s worth mentioning that PocKit is still in its early stages of development. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that consumers will be able to buy it anytime soon.

However, when or if it is released to the consumer market, I am sure it will be aimed at educators, developers, and computer enthusiasts. You can keep an eye on their official website and official YouTube channel.

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