PlayStation 5 Showcase Event Announced for Sep 16

Last week we got a lot of information about the Xbox Series X | S, including the official price and release date (including the Indian price for consoles) and a leaked commercial showing some key features of the Xbox Series S. Surprisingly, Sony did not give any information last week about their consoles. Still, if you’re hoping to get some information on the Playstation 5, the Japanese giant has announced a showcase event on September 16.

According to Sony, it will share information on titles from Sony’s global studios and partner developers. “Our next digital showcase will last about 40 minutes and will feature updates on the latest titles from Worldwide Studios and our world-class development partners,” Sony said in its blog post announcing the event.

However, it won’t be a surprise if the company also reveals key information about the PlayStation 5. That hopefully includes the price and release date of the consoles, plus perhaps a proper timeline for pre-order.

Of course, that is an illusion at the moment. However, we have seen Sony’s past event when they showed PS5 games. That was followed by a PS 5 design reveal as well. Plus, 40 minutes seems like too long to just give updates on upcoming PS 5 titles. Hopefully, Sony will add a surprise price announcement at the end of the stream.

The event is scheduled for September 16 at 1 pm PDT. For those of us in India, that’s 1:30 am IST on September 17th. You can watch the broadcast on Twitch or YouTube if you are interested.

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