Paytm Removed From Google Play Store For Policy Violation

Paytm has been removed from the Google Play Store. After which users cannot download this app from Play Store. However, if you have already downloaded the Paytm app, you can use it, but this app cannot be downloaded. At the same time, Google has given the reason for the removal of Paytm.

After removing Paytm, now Google has given the reason for this. Google said in its statement: “We do not allow any kind of online casino or support unregulated gambling applications that promote sports betting.” It also includes all applications that send customers links to websites where they can win money or cash prizes in paid tournaments and that is a violation of our policies. ‘

Google states that our policy applies to all developers and if someone violates our policies, we notify them and remove the application from the Play Store. We can take more serious action by repeatedly violating policies. Applications that violate the rules will not have space in the Play Store.

Paytm released a statement

Paytm has explained to its users that this app will not available for download on the Google Play Store for some time, but we will be back soon. All your money is absolutely safe and you can use your Paytm app normally.

In the App Store

Android phone users cannot download Paytm from the Google Play Store. While this app for iPhone users is still available to download on the App Store.

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