Microsoft Won’t Get Tiktok, Bytedance Refuses To Sell

Tiktok was in talks for a long time about the sale of U.S. operations to Microsoft. Now ByteDance will not sell Tiktok’s U.S. operations to Microsoft. No information has been received about the reason for not reaching the end of this deal.

According to reports, Tiktok’s owner company Bytedance has given more importance to Oracle than Microsoft. In this case, TikTok is expected to get the command of Oracle instead of Microsoft.

According to sources, the Oracle can become the technology partner of ByteDance in the US. That means the Oracle will get the responsibility of managing the data of U.S. users. Oracle had shown interest in purchasing Tiktok recently. And the conversation between Oracle and Tiktok was also going on for the last few days.

However, people associated with this case have refused to make any official comment about it at the moment. Microsoft said on Sunday that the purchase process had been canceled by Tiktok. However, there is no statement from Tiktok about this.

Tiktok Sale

US President Donald Trump ordered the sale of Tiktok’s US operations last month. At the same time, it was threatened to close the popular short video app Tiktok. Trump called Tiktok a threat to national security. It was also alleged that Tiktok sends data of U.S. citizens to the Chinese government.

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