Microsoft Launches Mini Fridge From The Xbox Series X at E3 2021!

When Microsoft first unveiled the Xbox Series X design in 2019, the internet meme factory compared the game console to a refrigerator, citing its form factor. So, following the launch of its next-gen console last year, Microsoft confirmed the launch of mini-coolers shaped like the Xbox Series X to celebrate a victory in a Twitter poll against Skittles. This corporation has finally unveiled this Xbox mini fridge during its recent E3 2021 virtual gaming event.

During the Xbox + Bethesda E3 event, where a new multiplayer mode for Halo Infinite was shown, Microsoft made a pretty good announcement (literally!). The Redmond giant will release an “Xbox Mini Fridge,” essentially an X-shaped Xbox Series mini-fridge, sometime during the 2021 holiday season. You can check out the official teaser video for the Xbox Mini Fridge below.

As you can see, the Xbox Mini Fridge looks exactly like the Xbox Series X console, with the matte black body and the Xbox green accent mesh design on top. However, instead of offering high-performance games, this one will keep your drinks cold.

According to Microsoft, the Xbox Mini Fridge will be the most powerful mini-fridge in the world. This marketing terminology was used by Microsoft when it introduced the Xbox Series X and we all know how it went.

Regardless, the company also made a fun reference to the Xbox Speed ​​Cooling Architecture. The Xbox Velocity Architecture is a new Xbox technology that Microsoft introduced with the Xbox Series X. It increases the power of the console’s GPU. However, how the company implemented the architecture for cooling is unknown.

Nonetheless, I personally like the Xbox Mini Fridge quite a bit (that’s the official name, by the way!), And I think it’ll be a great addition to your player or streamer setup.

As for availability, Microsoft says it will be available during the holiday season this year. However, we do not know if it will be a limited edition model or not. We also have no news on the price of the mini-fridge. I guess we’ll find out later this year.

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