London Heathrow Airport Now Has UV-C Robots to Stop Coronavirus

The Coronavirus-led pandemic has forced several nations around the world to take security measures to protect their citizens. Among these countries, we have seen some important steps in the UK to reduce the spread of the virus and try to return to normal. The government turned its Parliament, for the first time, into a video conferencing center earlier this year. Now, London Heathrow airport authorities have deployed UV-C robots to keep the public place safe for the few passengers traveling.

Produced by a venture capital named Nordic Eye, UV-C robots managed to eliminate poisonous air pollutants in hospitals earlier. However, in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, these robots are now inspecting every terminal at Heathrow Airport and killing deadly viruses and pathogens on their way.

According to Heath Williams, the CEO of the Nordic Eye, the robot can clean an area of ​​18,000 square meters. in just two and a half hours.

How Do They Work?

Now, as we can see, like the cleaning devices on the phone, the robot uses the powerful UV-C light to kill microorganisms. In fact, when the robot is at work, there can be no people around it, as UV-C rays can harm human eyes. Therefore, robots need to work in an area where no one is around at the time of their work.

The robots are fully automated and come with a variety of sensors including a vibration and motion sensor that detects any presence around you. So these sensors come into play when someone unexpectedly approaches the robots while the lights are on. In this case, the robot will turn it off immediately.

So just like the move to install air cleaning devices on buses, the deployment of these robots is to make public transportation normal again. According to the report, in addition to these robots, airport authorities have also installed passenger temperature controls and antiviral wraps for escalators.

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