Nokia Mobile partnered with FIH in its early days to bring Nokia smartphones back to market. That business deal lasted for a while, but Nokia Mobile has changed its strategy in the last two years and is trying to find a local manufacturer in some larger markets. A great example of this type of market is India, which is important to the Nokia brand, as there are many manufacturers who can assemble smartphones from scratch. There is also the historical importance of India, as Nokia used to manufacture its phones there until the end of the Devices and Services department.

In 2019, Nokia Mobile announced that phones sold in the Indian market will also bear the inscription “Made in India”. The Nokia 5.3 sold in India, for example, is already made there. Now, the Economic Times India reports that Lava, an Indian mobile phone maker, is already making Nokia phones in India. This will have a positive effect on the price of 4G phones, which will drop dramatically.

Nokia won’t be the only brand Lava will make. The Indian handset maker is apparently in talks with Motorola to strike a deal similar to Nokia’s. Lava’s obvious plan is to strengthen its position as a manufacturer now that people are taking good care of whether electronics are made in India or China. Lava even upgraded its manufacturing line, which is now capable of producing 30 million smartphones and 40 million feature phones

Generally, I don’t care if Nokia phones are made by Lava, or any other manufacturer, if some necessary quality standards are met, and if the quality control criteria are high enough. This deal is definitely good for Lava, Nokia and all other brands as it will make their products more competitive in the market due to lower manufacturing costs and probably tight logistics.

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