Many iPhone 12 Users are Facing Display Problem

The iPhone 12 Pro Max was recently crowned “Best Smartphone Display” by DisplayMate. The iPhone 12 lineup becomes really good displays. But, it turns out that many members suffer from some pretty jarring display problems as well.

According to reports arriving on the internet, also in Apple support centers, some iPhone 12 members show strange display mode. It includes screens that flicker, because great as a green tint to the screen.

These problems are reportedly rising on the iPhone 12 lineup when the brightness is below 90 percent. This suggests the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max are sensitive to this problem. Also, users say that these problems continue even in iOS 14.3 beta.

While there arrives to be no solution ready so far, it seems that Apple is aware of the problem. According to a document received by MacRumors, Apple is saying its technicians not to repair iPhones by these display problems. Instead, Apple asks them to advise customers to keep their software up to date. Hopefully, that means that the display problem is something that can be made with a future software update.

This is unclear what is creating this problem and why Apple is taking so long to fix it. Expectedly, the company will be able to fix the problems with a software update soon.

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