How To Make An Automatic Villager Farm in Minecraft

Building the farmland for villagers

Required farmland (Featured Image: Minecraft)

To make a villager breeding farm, players must create a 9×9 farmland of land and use a hoe to make farmland that carrots will grow on. Then break the center block of the farmland and put water so that the crops can grow on the farmland.

Players must place a composter over the water and place any blocks in the composter so that villagers don’t jump out and get stuck in it.

Make a two-block high wall around the farmland

A two-block high wall around the farmland (Featured Image: LogicalGeekBoy)

Since the villagers will be working on this farmland, players must build a wall at least two blocks high to prevent them from running out of farmland.

This wall can be made from any block, but glass is preferred, as players can see villagers within farmland through it.

Bring two villagers inside the farmland

Two villagers (Featured Image: Minecraft fandom)

One of the best ways to get villagers into farmland is by placing two beds and clearing a path for them to enter the farmland. This way, when it is night, the villagers will navigate to the bed to sleep. Then the player can close any exit. Once the villagers are inside, the players must break the beds.

Make a chamber to collect the villagers.

Players must make a chamber where the villagers can stay until they need them. Once the chamber has been built successfully, the villagers will be collected inside. And players can move them using rails and wagons or boats wherever they want.

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