How To Increase Instagram Followers in 2020 – 8 Simple Tips

Wondering how to increase your followers on Instagram? In recent years, Instagram has become an important tool to boost your brand’s online presence.

With more than 800 million monthly active users and 500 million daily active users, the social media platform has earned its place as one of the most used to reach the target market and increase engagement.

When you speak in terms of Instagram, your followers are your community, and as a brand, you want your community to constantly come back to you.

You want a community that interacts with your posts, tells you their thoughts, promotes your products, and is always exchanging information with you.

To help you grow your community, we’ve put together 8 simple tips on how to grow on Instagram organically.

Work on your captions

For new profiles, it is very important to have a clear message about who they are, and captions will help you achieve that.

Captions should complement your post, get the message across, and start the conversation and engagement.

They should be the correct length to present the story without the viewer thinking of it as a waste of time. Make sure to incorporate hashtags.

Interact with the community

Take the time to reply to as many people as you can, who went out of their way to leave a comment on your post.

Not only does this increase the number of comments on the post, but it also makes the commenters feel more welcome, thereby increasing their affection for you.

Post constantly

We all love trying to create the most beautiful pieces, but that shouldn’t slow down how often you upload.

Consistency in loading may be the fastest way to grow.

Another minor advantage that comes with this is that you can diversify your content by posting multiple times a week, or better yet, multiple times a day.

Study your analytics

Every business profile on Instagram has access to analytics, helping you better understand your audience, their preferences, how they discover your content, what they like, etc. at times when you can’t figure out what to post, this can help as the deciding factor.

Do Not cross post

Instagram gives you the option to also share the image with the title on Facebook, Twitter, and other places, in the last step of the upload.

This may seem like an easy step to share it in multiple places, but you must not forget that each platform is unique and can be counterintuitive.

Understand the context of the platform and change your narration accordingly.

Nobody likes to see an image on Facebook with 25 hashtags in the title.

Learn to use hashtags

Hashtags are another easy way to reach the right kind of people for your posts.

Each post can have up to 30 hashtags in the title, which will make your post appear in the Explore section.

Do some research to find which hashtags are most relevant to your content, see how many posts they have, and start experimenting.

Don’t use the most common ones or your post will be buried among many others.

Use highlights from Instagram Stories to showcase your products

Having engaging content in your Highlights will help you convert visitors into followers.

Think about it, it’s the first thing people will see on your profile, right after your bio.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to show them how great you are!

Content is king

All your efforts will be useless if you don’t provide quality content.

Dynamic images, engaging copywriting, and helpful information are what attract people the most.


It is often said that Instagram offers the best ROI for ads which is far from the only way to reach the people you want. With a little research, planning, and effort, you can realize the potential of your Instagram.

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