How to Build Automatic Item dropper in Minecraft

Automation is one of the most popular features of Minecraft. In this game, players can automate almost everything, including farming, killing mobs, obtaining blocks, etc.

In Minecraft, most automation projects are made possible by Redstone gadgets. Players can use Redstone elements as comparators, repeaters, observers, etc. Some Redstone gadgets are common and used in many builds, such as item classifiers, Redstone clocks, and item droppers / * – * / 62
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An automatic item dropper is a simple and useful Redstone gadget that every gamer should know about. 

Building an automatic item dropper in Minecraft

Items Needed

Items needed (Feature Image: Minecraft)

Automatic item droppers are pretty cheap to build. Players will need the following items to make an automatic dropper:

  • Three Redstone dust
  • one repeater
  • a comparator
  • a dropper
  • four building blocks
  • Chest and hopper (optional)

After collecting these items, players can follow these steps to build this contraption.

Step 1: place the dropper, comparator, and building block

Place dropper (Featured Image: Minecraft)

The first step is to place an eyedropper in the required direction. Behind this dropper, place a dial gauge facing outward toward a solid block.

Place redstone (Featured Image: Minecraft)

Behind the stone block, place a red stone powder. Next to this red stone powder, place a stone block, as shown in the picture.

Step 2: place the repeater and other Redstone Dust

Place repeater and redstone dust (Featured Image: Minecraft)

Place a repeater sticking out of the stone block pointing in the direction of the dropper, as shown in the picture. Now put a Redstone powder going from the repeater to the comparator.

The comparator will produce a Redstone signal as long as there is an element inside it. This signal will run in a loop from the comparator to the repeater, then back to the comparator.

Step 3: Place two solid blocks and a red stone powder.

Place two blocks (Featured Image: Minecraft)

The final step is to place two solid blocks and a red stone powder. Place one block on top of this comparator and another in this Redstone powder behind the solid block from the first step, as shown in this image. Between them, put a red stone powder.

The Redstone loop created by the comparer will now trigger the eyedropper whenever there is an element in it. Players can add a chest and hopper to put items in the dropper or simply connect it to a farm or item sorter.

Trash disposal (Featured Image: Minecraft)

Item Droppers will drop items very fast. Players can use it to create garbage disposal, where items will be thrown into the lava or cactus automatically. As mentioned above, players can connect their farm cans to an eyedropper, which will send them out in an item sorter.

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