As the wave of Chinese app bans continues in India, the popular mobile title Battle Royale, PUBG Mobile recently became one of the victims. Now, another mobile battle royale aims to capture the huge market that PUBG Mobile left in India by featuring Indian superstar Hritik Roshan as a character from the game.

Garena’s Free Fire is a PUBG-like mobile game that allows players to spread out on a map with 49 other players and survive to be the last man standing. However, unlike PUBG Mobile, the game allows players to choose from a list of various game characters with different types of “special survival abilities“.

Now, Garena, the Singapore-based publisher of the mobile game Free Fire, recently announced a partnership with actor Krrish to mark the start of a new in-game campaign, “Be The Hero.” This campaign will allow players to choose Hritik’s game character, “Jai“, who is the first playable Indian character in the game.

I am happy to be a part of the Free Fire universe and my official avatar, Jai, who created the team, is great. I hope that all players enjoy this unique experience, ”Roshan said in a statement.

So with PUBG Mobile out of the Indian market, Garena’s Free Fire aims to capture the Indian gaming community with more Indian-centric content for the game. However, with the announcement of the new game “Fau-G“, the competition will be tough.

At Garena, we believe in the power of localization. By offering our gaming community in India the unique opportunity to play as one of India’s most known stars, we needed to reaffirm our dedication to creating memorable experiences for players here, “said the game’s producer, Harold Teo.

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