Downloading a free game in their store between 23rd September and 23rd October will be receiving a $10 coupon to use on purchases above $14.99 in Epic Games Store. This will be an Epic deal for Gamers who are waiting to buy new games yet to be released.

Do you know what Free game it is?

YES ,it is the famous game ROCKET LEAGUE which will be Free on the Epic Games Store on 23rd Sept.

Download the game between 23rd September 8 AM PDT (8:30 PM IST) and 23rd October to get the 10 Dollar coupon.

The First Season of Rocket League will start with this update, and all players will get the opportunity to climb up the season ranks with the New competitive tournaments within the game.

Rocket League will also be collaborating with one of the top game Fortnite for various In-game Rewards and Events.

Rocket League Players will also be receiving;

Sun Ray Boost and Hot Rocks Trail in their game inventory as Rewards.

Official website to download the game is EpicGames

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