Elon Musk To Donate $100 Million For Best Carbon Capture Technology

Tesla Motors CEO and founder Elon Musk, as you may know, is staunchly against pollution and carbon emission in the environment. Tesla promotes and manufactures electric cars to reduce carbon emissions from gas vehicles. Its subsidiary SolarCity, on the other hand, focuses on building solar power technology. That gives us a pretty good idea of Musk’s mission. So now, Musk announced that he will offer a $ 100 million award to any individual, group or organization that presents the best carbon capture technology.

The SpaceX chief recently shared a tweet claiming to donate “$ 100 million for an award for the best carbon capture technology.” Musk later shared another tweet stating that details on the matter will be provided next week.

Now, carbon capture technology is not new to the market. Many machines based on carbon capture technology are currently used in many parts of the world where there are high carbon emissions, such as near a manufacturing plant that burns fossil fuels. As you can guess, these machines trap carbon dioxide, one of the main greenhouse gases, before it enters the environment. They recycle gas and use it productively.

As a result, Musk further raised the question of whether a Sabatier reactor can be called carbon capture technology. For those unaware, the Sabatier reaction is an exothermic reaction that involves mixing hydrogen and carbon dioxide to produce methane and water, with nickel as a catalyst. So if a Sabatier reactor is not a carbon capture machine, then “maybe a good carbon capture machine can be used for a more efficient and powerful Sabatier reactor,” he added.

So if there is any research team or organization working on the aforementioned topic, they can present their work and prepare to win the cash prize to use in other climate development plans. Also, it appears that Musk is looking for better technology to develop fully renewable rocket power. Although the details are pretty scant, as of now, it will be a bit more transparent when Musk shares the details about the initiative later this week.


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