Amazon has been working to improve its delivery service around the world through various means. However, following the launch of Sony’s next-generation gaming console, Amazon is receiving significant complaints from customers about its distribution force stealing the ordered PS5 from Amazon boxes.

So, after the launch of the PlayStation 5 in the UK, customers who ordered the next-gen console on Amazon started reporting the theft of their orders. According to numerous posts on social media, many customers, who received their PS5 orders, found toys and other worthless items inside their Amazon packages. On the other hand, some customers did not even receive their orders even though the status of their order indicates that it has been delivered.

According to the tweet (below) shared by Anthony Dickens (@antdickens), the founder of a Nintendo-focused news website, someone replaced his new PlayStation 5 with a box of a Nerf game and sealed the Amazon box with local duct tape. . instead of the official Amazon.

In another similar incident, a popular MTV journalist Bex April May (@bexlectic) received a cheap China-made air fryer instead of Sony’s $ 499 (~ Rs 37,000) console.

Similarly, many other customers who ordered the console from Amazon received useless items like a foot massager, grill, bag of rice, and even a box of cat food instead of the game console. However, these customers at least got something, as opposed to those who received nothing at all, even though their order shows “delivered”.

As these posts began to gain attention on social platforms, Amazon UK issued a statement apologizing for the issue.

“Our aim to make our buyers happy also this has not happened in a small proportion of these orders. We are very sorry for that and we are investigating exactly what happened. We reach out to all customers who have had a problem and let us know so we can fix it. Anyone who has had a problem with any order can contact our customer service team for help, ”wrote Amazon UK.

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