Popular Chinese Vlogger Allegedly Set His Ex On Fire During A Live Broadcast

A Chinese vlogger, Lamu, she was popular on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, died on September 30, 2020. Lamu, 30, was recognized for her happy posts and natural beauty and primarily documented her life in China rural.

Her ex-husband doused her with gasoline as she tried to broadcast live. Local media reports indicated that her screen went black shortly after she began streaming.

Lamu, from the Chinese province of Sichuan, had two children. She was married to Tang and had already divorced him once earlier. However, she decided to remarry him because he had threatened to kill one of her children.

However, that didn’t last long as he ended up running away. A statement from the Jinchuan County Public Security Bureau said Tang allegedly broke into her home on September 14, armed with a knife and gasoline. He doused her with gasoline and set her on fire, causing her to suffer 90% burns to her body. She was rushed to hospital, but she died two weeks after the attack.

The intention is not yet confirmed but Tang reportedly has a history of domestic violence. So, he was reportedly seeking revenge as she had filed for divorce for the same thing. As a conclusion, Tang was detained on the date of her death for further investigation.

After the death of the vlogger, Lamu’s family went ahead of her followers to ask for financial help. More than 1 million yuan (~ 1.07 million rupees) was collected in about 24 hours.

Additionally, this incident raised many questions about women’s safety and netizens have been talking about it ever since on the Chinese social platform Weibo. More than 70 million posts have been registered under a hashtag used for her passing. The outrage on social media is real and necessary as China has witnessed an increase in domestic violence cases and yet has failed to take the necessary action.

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