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Did you know that users watch 1 billion hours of YouTube a day? That equates to 8.4 minutes per day per human!

Due to its great popularity, it is difficult for marketers to ignore the video marketing channel. But with such popularity comes great competition.

We’ve all caught ourselves watching hours and hours of cat videos. There is nothing to be ashamed of! The question is, how can marketers steal the attention of these famous cats to bring more attention to their own YouTube channels? This is exactly what this article claims to bring you because if you’ve put in the time investing in video, you don’t just want to make a profit, you need a return!

It’s time to increase your channel subscribers through strategic work. Here are 5 tips to quickly increase your YouTube subscribers.

Publish Longer videos (10+ minutes)

Although YouTube hosts many detailed and in-depth reviews and other extensive content, high-converting videos are those that are now longer than 10 minutes or longer.

Shorter videos used to perform well in the past, but now that YouTube has gained momentum, longer videos tend to rank higher.

Comscore published in January 2014 that the average duration of most YouTube videos was around 4.4 minutes. For content creators just starting out, this is the golden number.

YouTube Thumbnail image

Create a custom video thumbnail for each video instead of having one randomly generated. This only makes sense.

Using relevant annotations and images as custom thumbnails for your YouTube videos will increase the CTR (click through rate) of your videos. A custom video thumbnail with a small annotation will tell your users what your video is about.

YouTube thumbnails help you attract new users to your channel and if you’re not designing catchy thumbnails, you’re missing out on a lot.

Use A YouTube Intro & Outro

Your YouTube intro and outro not only helps branding, it will also make your video more entertaining.

Having an introduction and an exit will serve your brand and give your video a sense of professionalism. It’s like the opening theme of a television show.

Plus, an engaging intro will ensure that your viewers stay glued to the rest of the video.

Edit your videos ruthlessly

Thomas Hawk, a renowned photographer, claims that for every photograph he publishes, he has ten rejected shots. The same goes for any type of editing.

Mercilessly edit your YouTube videos and make sure only the best ones get posted.

If you are quick to stick strictly to your schedule and post randomly, it will only hurt you and your brand as a whole. Make a lot of recordings while recording a video and make sure only the best parts are selected.

Be Frequent

You must have heard this a lot, but repeating it is never enough. It is very important to stay on the radar because the number of YouTube channels accumulates with each passing day. So be sure to create and upload your videos frequently. It is always best to create a content program that makes it organized and easy to handle editing and publishing.

The main reason is that people come to YouTube to watch videos and if they have subscribed to your channel, they want to watch the videos from time to time. In other words, there must be a video every time a viewer enters your channel subscribers. Last but not least, if you don’t post videos frequently, you could end up losing subscribers.

Optimize your video descriptions

Returning to the SEO aspect of YouTube videos, the description of the video should not be neglected.

The description will not only allow your videos to be found in search engines, but it will also give potential viewers an idea of what your video is about.

But don’t overdo it. Having a very detailed description doesn’t make sense because only the first few lines of your description are displayed when the video initially loads.

Again, just like the title, you should use your keyword in the description, and again, don’t overdo it. Don’t think you’re outwitting the search engine by adding your keyword 17 times. Doing this will really affect your chances of showing up in searches.

Keep it natural and authentic.

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