5 Cool New Arcade Games for Android You Will Enjoy Playing

Mobile gaming has been growing rapidly over the past few years, thanks to advancements in mobile game development engines and toolkits. While there are a lot of action-packed games like PUBG Mobile and Modern Combat on the Android platform, there are times when all you need is a simple arcade game that will relax and refresh your mind. We have picked five new arcade games that will help you take a break from your busy life schedule. So, let’s get started.

1. Drop Stack Ball

drop stack ball game

Drop Stack Ball is a game that requires just a single touch input. The objective of the game is to let the ball go down without hitting black stacks. If you hold long enough, you will be able to make combos to break black stacks.

There are over 300 levels in the game and playing it is quite fun to kill time when you’re stuck waiting for someone/something. The game has ads and is available for free on Play Store.

Download Drop Stack Ball (Free, Rated 4.4/5 ⭐ on Play Store)

2. Stack Fall

stack fall

This game is somewhat similar to the first game on the list but offers a different experience in terms of graphics and animations. The basic concept of the game is to lead the ball to the bottom of the tower without being hit.

You will be getting different shaped stacks to destroy in the game which is visually pleasing and gives a refreshing experience. Also, you can play the game with a single finger. The game has ads that can be removed by spending Rs.280 as an in-app purchase.

Download Stack Fall (Free, Rated 4.3/5 ⭐ on Play Store)

3. Pick Me Up™

pick me up

As the name hints, your role in the game is to be a taxi driver who picks up customers and drops them off in their destinations to earn in-game cash. The controls are quite simple. Tap and hold to drive the car and release it to apply the brake.

The game also offers VIP Access which is a weekly subscription that will cost you $5.99 (~Rs.440) which has benefits like three elite cars, double the in-game cash earned so far, 250 in-game cash bonus, and an ad-free experience.

Download Pick Me Up™ (Free, Rated 4.0/5 ⭐ on Play Store)

4. Ordia


Ordia is my favorite arcade game on this list. The game offers one-tap control where you are a new organism taking baby steps. It allows you to jump, bounce, stick, and slide movements for getting through the game. There are 30 challenging levels set across 3 worlds.

There are additional challenge modes, bonus levels in the game in case you are not interested to pursue the flow of the game and its storyline. The game is paid and will cost you Rs.360 for downloading from Play Store.

Download Ordia (Rs. 360, Rated 4.8/5 ⭐ on Play Store)

5. Rescue Wings!

rescue wings game

Rescue Wings! is a fun-filled arcade game where you take the role of Scruffy, a firefighter. You will have to fill your water tank by diving into lakes and extinguish forest fires. The game has a lot of engaging elements you can try out that include fueled jets, bombs, UFOs and much more.

You get to unlock over 16 unique planes as you level up in the game. There are over 15 levels and if you manage to score 3 stars in all of them, you will unlock time trial mode. The app is available for free and offers in-app purchases.

Download Rescue Wings! (Free, Rated 4.5/5 ⭐ on Play Store)

So, that sums up our short list of five arcade games that we think you should check out in 2019. Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.

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How to Install Google Camera (Gcam Mod) on Mi A3

Xiaomi recently expanded its Android One portfolio with the launch of the Mi A3 in India, offering users an AMOLED display, triple cameras, and a pure Android experience out-of-the-box. The smartphone comes with a 48MP primary sensor and Xiaomi’s stock camera app to present you a myriad of features, but we all know that Google Camera mods are popular for a reason. They just capture better pictures, with more details and enhanced dynamic range when compared to the stock camera app.

So, if you are planning to get yourself a Mi A3, I bet you would go around looking for the best Google Camera mod for the device. Well, let me help you out and put an end to this search before it starts off. Find attached below a working GCam mod link, steps to install the mod, and some camera samples from it:

Get GCam Mod on Mi A3

We did testing for a number of popular Google camera mods, including Arnova8G2, BSG, and more. We found the mods from cstark, called Camera PX, to be the most stable and snappy while clicking photos. Most of the features including Night Sight worked perfectly fine on this mod, except for slow-motion video capture.

Steps to Install GCam on Mi A3

1. First of all, download the GCam mod APK for Mi A3 from this link right here. You may need to allow installation of apps from third-party sources if you haven’t already for the browser you use to download the file.

2. You will need to disable the motion photos option for this GCam mod to work without crashing. You don’t need to touch the saturation, contrast, or other library settings as it works perfectly fine.

3. Now, you’re all set to take stunning photos from your Mi A3 using the Google Camera mod. Here are a few samples captured using GCam:

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Take Stunning Pictures with Google Camera on Mi A3

Xiaomi’s Android One-backed Mi A3 smartphone has a stunning triple-camera setup that opens up a wide variety of possibilities for users. However, we know the Google Camera improves on the experience, offering you the capability to click even better pictures with more detail, sharpness, and accurate colors.

So, if you’re looking to elevate the photo-capturing experience on the newly launched Mi A3, then go ahead and download the GCam mod on your smartphone right away. If you face any issues with the aforementioned Google Camera or have any better suggestions, then let us know in the comments below.

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10 Best Free Movie Apps to Legally Stream Movies

We all love watching movies and with the advent of online streaming services, we can watch anything and everything with just a click. However, sadly, most of the online streaming services are paid ones and it gets really expensive having to subscribe to multiple services. But you don’t have to worry about spending too much money. We have done our research and found some great movie apps which let you watch movies completely for free. And these apps are absolutely legal to use so there is no question of piracy. Having said that, here are the best free movie apps where you can watch tons of free movies without any issues.

Best Free Movie Apps

In this section, I have shared the 10 best free movie apps. All the mentioned apps are officially available on the Google Play Store and AppStore, so no need to sideload the apps from third-party stores. Also, few apps have a separate premium plan, so if you find the service cheap and interesting, you can subscribe to their paid services to get more content. Now having said that, let’s begin with the list.

1. Tubi

Tubi is the best free movie app, hands down. Unlike other free movie apps, it offers recently launched movies free of charge. The reason Tubi has such a wide collection of fresh content is because of its partnership with many big Hollywood studios. Some of them include Paramount, Warner Bros, etc. The great about Tubi is that it’s completely free and there is no hidden credit card or subscription requirement. Talking about the content, the collection of movies is simply breathtaking. From different genres to Anime, you have everything at your fingertips. All you have to do is register for a free account and you can watch tons of hours of free content. Just go for it and you will love it to bits.


Install Tubi: Free (Android / iOS)

2. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is another great app for watching movies for free. Sony Crackle is an online entertainment arm of Sony Pictures so you get access to a ton of free movies along with high-quality original content. Besides that, Sony Crackle also features a good selection of anime movies which makes it a great place for anime lovers. I found Sony Crackle to be best for action and thriller genre of movies. Simply put, you will get access to almost every movie from Sony Pictures studio and that’s absolutely great. However, do note that the service is only available to the US and Australia users. Nevertheless, if you are from the said countries, you can get Sony Crackle and enjoy hours of free content.

Sony Crackle

Install Sony Crackle: Free (Android / iOS)

3. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is an amazing app to watch free movies on the go. You will be surprised to find the vast library of free content available on the app. To start with, you have movies from Hollywood behemoth like Fox Studios, Warner Bros, Paramount and more. Pluto TV is owned by Viacom so naturally, there are tons of popular movies you would not find anywhere. The great part is that you don’t need to share your credit card details or register on the app. Just install it and you are all set to watch free movies without any issues. I would highly recommend Pluto TV for its diverse set of movies. Just go for it and you will love it.

Pluto TV

Install Pluto TV: Free (Android / iOS)

4. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a great free movie app to consume movies on the go. First of all, it’s available to users worldwide unlike Sony Crackle so that’s awesome. Secondly, the app has a wide range of movie titles which are absolutely free and you can watch them without any limitation on quality. The great part is that the app performs really well even if you have a slow internet connection. Popcornflix also has a partnership with many Hollywood studios so you will likely get interesting movies as they release. Apart from studios, Popcornflix also features a lot of independent cinema which is great news for indie movie lovers. Overall, Popcornflix is a great app to discover and watch movies for free.


Install Popcornflix: Free (Android /iOS)

5. Vudu

Vudu is another great app for streaming movies for free. It has some excellent titles and TV shows under its collection. If you are wondering how does Vudu offer so much of content for free then let me explain. The app is ad-supported and you will encounter few video ads before playing movies and TV shows. I feel it’s a fair trade-off for accessing the huge library of free content. To give you a sneak peek, you get access to movies such as Rocky, Predator, Undisputed, Warrior, etc. Vudu also features new movies similar to iTunes and Google Play Store, but those are paid ones so choose accordingly. To sum up, if you love movies, Vudu is a great app to access tons of interesting movies.


Install Vudu: Free (Android /iOS)

6. Yidio

Yidio is a great app to consume movies and shows from multiple streaming services. Basically, it’s an aggregator where you can watch movies from various online streaming services in a single app. It has support for more than 300 services including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, etc. While there are lots of free movies available, you may need to subscribe to premium content providers to access their content. Nevertheless, Yidio has a large collection of movies and I think you will love the content given that it’s completely free.


Install Yidio: Free (Android /iOS)

7. SnagFilms

SnagFilms is an awesome free movie app which lets you watch independent films and documentaries without any charge. It has a collection of more than 5000 movies and it keeps on adding new full-length movies regularly. The app has movies from different genres and has a collection of obscure movies which are rarely found on any other platforms. Simply put, If you are someone who loves to watch indie movies, SnagFilms is a treasure trove you were missing in your life. Just install the app and experience movies from different parts of the world.


Install SnagFilms: Free Android /iOS)

8. Hotstar

Hotstar is a popular free movie app for Indian consumers. It is a paradise for Bollywood and regional movie lovers. Hotstar is owned by Star, which is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios. Having such a great studio behind, you get access to almost every new movie you are looking for. It offers a wide selection of movies, both free and paid. While most of the new movies are paid, the free collection of both Bollywood and Hollywood movies are not too bad either. If you opt for the premium plan, you also get access to new international movies, series, and a lot more. All in all, for Indian consumers, Hotstar is a must app to have and you should definitely check it out.


Install Hotstar: Free, Plans starts at ₹999/year or ₹199/month, (Android / iOS)

9. SonyLiv

SonyLiv is another great app for watching Indian movies for free, and definitely one of the best free movie apps for regional cinema as well. It offers tons of hours of free movies and TV shows. Apart from Bollywood movies, the service also offers a great selection of Telugu and Tamil movies. There are also some international titles, but those are mostly paid ones. Similar to Hotstar, you can find new and interesting movies just after a few weeks of new releases. However, the streaming quality is not as good as Hotstar. Basically, if you like Hotstar and want something as an alternative, SonyLiv is a great app to have.


Install SonyLiv: Free, Premium plan starts at ₹499/year (Android/ iOS)

10. Voot

Voot is another great app to watch Indian content free of charge. It’s a free movie app including several TV shows, Originals and a lot more. Voot is part of Viacom18 studio so you will find all their library of free movies and TV shows on the app. However, do note that Voot is supported by ads so you will occasionally encounter ads while streaming movies and shows. Talking about the library of content, it has movies from Bollywood to different regional languages. Along with that, you get access to lots of live TV channels which are part of the Network18 group. To sum up, if you are from India, Voot is a great app to watch movies for free and you should definitely check it out.


Install Voot: Free, Android, iOS

Bonus: Kodi

Apart from all these apps, there’s one more free movie app that I would like to recommend and that’s Kodi. Kodi is basically a media server application which lets you manage your offline media content so that you can access them from any device. Apart from that, Kodi also comes with a library of free Kodi addons and Kodi repositories which lets you stream movies for free. That said, Kodi also makes it possible to stream pirated movies which we don’t recommend and you should be careful if you want to remain on the right side of the law. Finally, Kodi is available on the Play Store however there’s no official iOS application.


You have to go through a long process to install Kodi on iPhone and that might turn some users off. That said, Kodi is really powerful and once you learn how to use Kodi, this can be a great resource for streaming free movies right on your Android and iOS devices.

Install Kodi: Free (Android / Check out the iOS installation guide from link above)

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Stream Unlimited Content with Free Movie Apps

So that was our list of the best free movie apps you can install on both Android and iOS devices. Contrary to popular opinion, there are lots of free movie apps which lets you stream movies and TV shows without any charge or playback limitation. We have provided the apps which are completely free and absolutely legal to use. So go ahead and install any of the apps to access tons of free content. So that is all from us. If you liked the article and want to know more about free apps for other categories, do let us know in the comment section below.

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5 Best FaceApp Alternatives You Should Try

FaceApp has again gone viral for its ingenious ability to create old-age photos using AI. You can create your aging photos in just a few taps and it does look kind of accurate. That said, the app is not effective on every face type. As we have seen in thousands of pictures shared on social media platforms, FaceApp is not working equally good for all the users. If you are one of those users who are not getting authentic results from FaceApp, then you should read on. We have found some great apps which are almost similar to FaceApp and have additional features as well. So without wasting any time, let’s get straight to the best FaceApp alternatives you should use in 2019.

Best FaceApp Alternatives

We have included all the apps like FaceApp which are available on Android and iOS app store. In our testing, all the apps work fine and are mostly free. However, you will find ads in some of the apps so there is that. Now having said that, let’s begin with the best FaceApp alternative you can use right now.

1. AgingBooth

AgingBooth is a great alternative to FaceApp. It works very similar to FaceApp and creates aging photos in seconds. The interesting thing about AgingBooth app is that it creates aging photos in a very natural and realistic way, just like FaceApp. There are no superficial stickers or any kind of unnatural blemishes. The process to create an aging image is very simple. Just install the app and click on the “START” button. Further, you can either choose photos from your device, capture an image from your camera, or even import images from Facebook. The app takes a few seconds to process the image and offers you to adjust eyes, chin, and lip. That’s it. After a few seconds, you will have an aging photo straight from 2051.

1. AgingBooth

The same company also makes other face and body transformation apps including FatBooth (free), BaldBooth (free), UglyBooth (free) and more. All in all, it’s an excellent alternative to the FaceApp and you can use it on both Android and iOS devices.

Install AgingBooth: Free (iOS)

2. Oldify

Oldify is another excellent FaceApp alternative which does the job really well. It allows you to create images from the future as to how you will look when you grow old. The app is quite similar to FaceApp which means it’s simple and works for the most part. The great part about Oldify is that you can manually enter your age and find aging images. Besides that, you have access to lots of effects as well. So go ahead and download Oldify and create your old self in the go.

2. Oldify

Install Oldify: Android (Free, in-app purchase), iOS ($1.15)

3. Face Changer Photo Gender Editor

Similar to other apps in the list, Face Changer allows you to create images from your old-age. Not only that, but you can also change your gender and see how you would have looked if you were born female. There are many effects which let you create attractive images, bald portrait, skinny face, etc. Overall, Face Changer app is a feature-rich app and if you are looking for a FaceApp alternative then you should definitely check it out. Do note that Face Changer app is only available on Android.

3. Face Changer Photo Gender Editor

Install Face Changer: Android (Free)

4. Make Me Old

Make Me Old is a decent FaceApp alternative. It only allows you to create aging photos and is missing other features like creating young images and changing gender. The app is pretty simple and does a decent job at creating aging photos. If you are looking for a no-frills app which lets you create some realistic old-age photos then Make Me Old can be a great alternative. However, do note that the app is available on Android only.

4. Make Me Old

Install Make Me Old: Android (Free)

5. Old Face

Old Face app is our final FaceApp alternative in this list. You can create old-age images in a few taps and the final images are decent at best. The output does not look artificial and I think you are going to love this app for its natural skin tone. You can also capture an image from the camera or choose an image from the gallery. All in all, Old Face is a decent app and you can give it a try.

5. Old Face

Install Old Face: Android (Free)

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Get the Best FaceApp Alternatives Here

So that was our quick look at the best FaceApp alternatives available for both Android and iOS devices. While FaceApp is definitely brings more features to the table, the alternatives are not too bad either. AgingBooth and Oldify are particularly two great apps that I would recommend. However, go through all the other apps and see which one do you like the most. So that will be all from us. If you like the FaceApp alternatives, do let us know in the comment section below.

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15 Best Free Music Apps for Android and iPhone

If there is one thing that seems to travel with us almost everywhere – from relaxation at home to long drives or late night parties, it is music. Whether we are overjoyed, calm or saddened by a sudden heartbreak, most of us like to listen to music to keep ourselves cheerful. In this digital age, music has become more accessible than ever before with many notable brands launching top-notch music apps for on-demand streaming. But just in case you are finding it a bit hard to discover which one can live up to your billing, we have got you covered with the best free music apps for Android and iPhone in 2019.

Best Free Music Apps for Android and iOS in 2019

Remember, no music app is perfect. At the end of the day, everything boils down to what your needs demand or what suits your taste better. What may seem to be an effortless pick for me may not sound appealing to you. That’s why I have handpicked a variety of music apps that can elegantly cater to your on-demand music and radio listening. Oh yes, I have also included some offline music apps for iOS and Android so that you can enjoy your own music collection.

1. Spotify

When there is a discussion for the overall best music apps across the platforms, the one obvious name that strikes the mind instantly is Spotify. And rightly so as it’s by far the most feature-rich and elegant music app for both iOS and Android.


What has always impressed me the most in Spotify is the very intuitive user-interface. And with the colossal music library of more than 40 millions songs, it’s ever ready to offer any song that you want to hear. The app pays special attention to your interest and offer recommendations accordingly. In fact, in my experience, Spotify has the best music recommendation feature of all the music streaming services.

You can also craft your personal playlists of all of your favorite songs and even share them with your friends and vice-versa. With Spotify Premium ($9.99/monthly), you can unlock several impressive features. For instance, you will be allowed to listen to your songs offline, use the app without any ads and also get better sound quality. Moreover, Spotify also comes with tons of podcasts. So, if you are a loyal podcast listener, you’d be glad to have its massive library at your disposal. Finally, it’s available in more than 90 countries, so most of us can access and use it.

Install: iOS and Android (free, $9.99/month)

2. YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a top-notch music app from Google. If you like to keep a track of the official release or singles from your favorite artists, it will keep you at pace with your interest. Plus, it’s known to deliver the most suitable recommendations as per several things including your taste, location, and even mood.

YouTube Music

Another department where YouTube Music has made plenty of strides is refining the entire UI which makes it a lot easier to browse through albums, live performances, remixes and more. Besides, the advanced search plays a vital role in quickly finding a song or album. But what has caught my eyes in this app is the hot list which offers quick access to all the songs that are trending.

One advantage of YouTube Music is that it also lets you access official videos, live performances, and more, right from the app. This means you have access to different versions of songs which is not quite possible on other free music streaming platforms. And if you are willing to spend some bucks, you can go for YouTube Music Premium ($12.99) to listen to music ad-free, get download option and more. Talking about availability, the paid version of YouTube Music is available in more than 65 countries which include countries like USA, Canada, UK, India, Sweden, Australia, and, more.

Install: iOS and Android (free, $12.99/month)

3. Pandora

Should you want your music app to not only let you stream songs but also listen to radio and podcasts (all in one) seamlessly, Pandora could be the right way to go. The best part about this music app is the full-on customization that allows you to create stations depending on artists, genres and even your favorite songs. Thus, you have a more personalized music listening experience.


On the recommendation front, Pandora knows pretty well what sounds cool to your ears and curates songs that seem to be suitable for your taste. In terms of podcasts, it has got a library of over 1,400 podcasts from well-known creators. With Pandora Premium ($9.99/monthly), you get unlimited skips and replays. Besides, it will also let you download music for offline listening as well as create custom playlists. And the Plus version will offer you access to unlimited personalized stations and podcasts as well as let you tune into higher quality audio. Do note that Pandora is not available outside USA so keep that in mind before deciding on this app.

Install: iOS and Android (free, $12.99/month for Pandora Premium)

4. Deezer

If you have a rich taste for audio quality or consider yourself an audiophile, Deezer would be a better bet for you. Packed in with over 53 million songs, it’s second to none when it comes to numbers. Regarding the interface, I find it up to the task (if not at par with the best in the business). It has a handy shuffle mode which makes it pretty simple to find new tracks. And every time, you come across a song that seems pleasing to your ears, you can add it to your ever-growing collection to quickly access it.


Like to keep your tracks perfectly organized? Well, the app offers you many customization options, allowing you to organize your tracks based on artists and genres. Beyond music, you can also discover podcasts, radio stations to catch up with popular programs. With Deezer Premium+ ($12.99), you will be able to relish higher quality music (320 kBps) and also use Alexa on compatible devices. When it comes to availability, Deezer is available in 182 countries but sadly that vast list doesn’t include India.

Install: iOS and Android (free, $12.99/month)

5. SoundCloud

Here comes the world’s largest music and audio streaming platform by a long distance! Loaded with over 180 million tracks, SoundCloud will never let your music time go through a low phase. Everything from jazz, hip hop, classical, podcasts to audiobooks that you like to listen to or enjoy tuning into will be there on your radar.


If you always want to keep yourself in sync with the latest offerings from top artists, the app will help you stay in the loop. You can join the huge community of music lovers and also connect with the artists you admire. Furthermore, you will have easy access to mixes, chart-topping albums, and live sets. With SoundCloud Go and Go+ ($5.99/$12.99), you will get additional features like offline listening, just 30 seconds of preview, ad-free listening and more.

Note that while free version of SoundCloud is available everywhere, it’s premium versions are available only in US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, and New Zealand.

Install: iOS and Android (free, $5.99/month)

6. Amazon Music

“Amazon Music” has vastly improved in most aspects. And if you are ready to switch your loyalty or simply want to have a music app that can tick off most boxes, this one has to be a pretty safe pick.


The app now has a clean and intuitive interface that makes for easy navigation. As for the music library, Amazon claims to have got a whopping 50 million songs, which are undoubtedly a lot more than you can ever stream. The one apparent advantage of having a big catalog of music is that your search for a unique song will rarely go for a miss.Amazon Music is also pretty smart in recommending songs and stations based on your preference. So, when you want to go for a music drive, you will not have to spend plenty of time to choose the songs that can thrill you.

And just in case, you often have to deal with a poor internet connection, you have the liberty to download songs and stream them offline. And with Alexa always there at your beck and call, getting started with music will always be easy for you. Do note that this app is available for free only with Prime membership. Non-Prime users will need to spend $9.99/month. Amazon Music is available in most countries in some form or the other so you don’t have to worry about its availability.

Install: iOS and Android (free with Prime, $9.99/month for non-Prime customers)

7. TuneIn Radio

This one is primed for the folks who enjoy listening to the radio. With TuneIn Radio, you have access to over 100,000 radio stations. From news, sports, music to talk radio, you get plenty of options to explore and listen to your favorite content. It offers live commentary to every NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL games. You can catch up with the trending top shows and famous podcasts on demand.

TuneIn Radio

The app provides access to around 600 music stations, which would be ever ready to entice your music time. Besides, it keeps a tab on your taste and curates music stations that are more geared for different moods. There is also a large library of over 40,000 audiobooks, which would be more than enough to satiate your listening pleasure. Lastly, only TuneIn Premium ($9.99) can allow you to take advantage of all the features without any restriction. The free version of TuneIn Radio is available in most countries of the world.

Install: iOS and Android (free, $9.99/month)

8. iHeartRadio

Though not as feature-packed as some of its noted counterparts, “iHeartRadio” has long been a good platform for music, radio, and podcasts. To ensure your music station delivers only what you wish, you have the option to create personalized radio stations based on your all-time favorite artists. The music library has loads of tracks of several different genres like Top 40, Country, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, EDM, R&B and more.


With this app, you can discover a lot of radio stations that are near you or from anywhere in the world. This liberty ensures you can listen to top radio stations, no matter where they exist. Whether you would like to tune into music, news, sports, talk show or comedy, it would allow you to follow your interest with the needed freedom. As a sports fan, you would be pleased to have popular stations like ESPN Radio and Fox Sports on your radar. And if you think that all the offerings of iHeartRadio are worth giving a try, you can upgrade to the plus or full version ($5.99/$12.99/monthly).

Note: iHeart Radio is only available in US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Install: iOS and Android (free, $5.99/month)

9. Gaana Music

At first glance, “Gaana Music” may lack the versatility to compete with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music but when you take a close look at its repertoire, you would find it more than good enough. From classic Bollywood tracks to the chart-topping English songs, it’s got the collection (over 30 million songs) to fit into your different moods. The app is also pretty decent at curating songs in line with the varying demands.

Gaana Music

On the design front, Gaana Music has a fairly good appearance which makes for smooth-sailing navigation. With useful subsections like trending songs, top charts, and featured artists, it’s quite easy to access tracks that are making waves. It also shows the lyrics of the songs so that you can jam along. Better yet, the voice search makes it more convenient to search and play any song. Not to underestimate, the radio seems to be fully equipped to entertain.

Note: Gaana Music is only available in India.

Install: iOS and Android (free, Rs. 298/year)

10. JioSaavn

If you are living in India and want a music app that can let you stream millions of songs for free, JioSaavn could be more than a handful. The first thing that caught my attention in this app is the compilation of over 55 million tracks, which are definitely at par with the best in the business. Speaking of the interface, it appears to be pretty clean and light. The home screen shows you the weekly top 15 songs to keep you in the loop with the biggest movers. Then there is “Trending Today” which allows you quick access to all the songs that are getting a lot of traction.

JioSaavn Music

Not to mention the “Romantic Hot 40” and “EDM Hot 40” that can keep your music time on the charge. If you like tracking the new releases, the app will also offer you instant access to the tracks which have just been rolled out. The editorial picks are thoughtfully-crafted, keeping in mind different tastes. JioSaavn podcasts aren’t comprehensive, however, it shouldn’t disappoint you. Remember, the free version of JioSaavn can’t provide you access to all the features like high-quality 320kbps, ad-free music, and unlimited skips. So, you will have to get onboard with the premium version (around $4/year) to unlock all the features.

Note: JioSaavn is not available outside India.

Install: iOS and Android (free, Rs. 299/year)

Best Offline Music Apps for iPhone and Android

If you are someone who likes to curate their own collection of music then all of the above music apps are not for you. What you need is a good music player app that can help you not only play your offline music but also categorize it, sort it, and keep it accessible. In this section, we are going to mention 5 such offline music player apps that you should check out.

11. Vox Music Player

I’ve always found “Vox Music Player” to be a full-fledged music player app. Whether you want to store a lot of music or keep your entire playlists in the right order, it will stand up to your needs. Thanks to the support for many audio (including the hi-res) formats such as FLAC, APE, WAV, ALAC, MP3, WMA, OGG and more, it ensures managing and playing music always remains a convenient task for you. Better yet, it also lets you stream music from Spotify and SoundCloud. And with over 30’000 radio stations, you will be able to tune into your favorite radio programs as well.


Install: iOS (free, $4.99/month)

12. Radsone Hi-Res Player

For keeping the entire music library perfectly in sync, “Radsone Hi-Res Player” is as good as any music app. With the implementation of Distinctive Clear Technology (DCT), it delivers impressive sound quality by getting rid of digital artifacts. Thanks to the sound optimization system, you can also fine-tune the app to get the desired sound. And with the AirPlay support, you will be able to stream your music to the compatible devices.

Radsone Hi-Res Player

Install: iOS (free, in-app purchases available)

Note: We have separately compiled the best offline iPhone music player apps. You should click on the link to check it out.

13. Pulsar Music Player

If versatility is right on top of your priority list, you should try out “Pulsar Music Player”. The modern interface coupled with a wide range of features makes it a full-fledged music player. Features like easy play speed adjustment, convenient tag editing, equalizer, music visualizer, and crossfade can enhance your music listening experience. Additionally, it also has the support for Google Voice command and Android Auto. If you have a penchant for customization, you would appreciate various colorful themes that can add plenty of fun elements into the play.

Pulsar Music Player

Install: Android (free, in-app purchases available)

14. Musicolet

There are very few Android music players in the market that provide as much flexibility as “Musicolet”. It lets you create up to 20 queues, which would be more than enough to keep your tracks perfectly in line. One notable feature of this app is that it allows you to manage queues while catching up with another queue. Sporting pretty minimalistic design, it makes navigating your music library quite straightforward. With the handy tag editor, you will be able to edit tags and album arts of many songs at one go.


Install: Android (free, in-app purchases available)

15. Canaree

To take complete control of tons of songs and keep them in the apple-pie-order, “Canaree” is always one of the better picks. Featuring a nifty UI and smooth player controls, the app doesn’t take much time to carve out a niche. The floating windows make it more convenient for tracking videos. And with the offline lyrics support, it gives your jamming a bit more leeway. Speaking of the built-in metadata tag editor, it is suffcient to handle your tracks, albums, and artists. Moreover, the support for Android Auto, Android Wear, and Google voice commands put Canaree in the elite league of the best music players for Android.


Install: Android (free, in-app purchases available)

SEE ALSO: 10 Best Audio Editing Software

Time to Get the Most Out of Your Favorite Music App

That ends our article on the best free music apps that you can get for your iPhone and Android. In this article we have assemble the list of best free music streaming apps and offline music player apps for you. Do check them out and let us know which is your favorite among them all. Also, if we missed out on any app, drop its name down in the comments section.

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This App Pauses Your Screen When You’re Not Looking

One of the most frustrating experiences while using a smartphone is the screen timeout. Tweaking it exactly to sync with your usage patterns can be troublesome and exhausting. It either becomes too long or too short. Most of the time, a sweet-spot for timeouts is hard to find. If this is something you can relate to, check out FacePause.

FacePause pauses the screen when it fails to detect a face. A blueish tint appears on the screen for which the transparency can be adjusted by tweaking the settings of the app. This can come in handy especially when you’re watching videos or playing games. However, don’t expect this to work fine with online games. Take a look at the video below to get a hands-on demo of the app.

It is worth noting that the app doesn’t use face-recognition algorithms to detect who is looking at the phone. It will keep the screen on as long as it detects a face, whether it’s yours or someone else’s.

The biggest concern one might have while using this app is the battery drain thanks to the app using the front camera all the time, and to solve that, the app comes with a power-saving mode which stops using the sensors the moment the screen gets locked. With the power-saving mode turned on, you’ll have to tap on the screen to dismiss the overlay — that’s more manual work for you to do, but it will save battery.

There are options to tweak the frequency of face detection, changing the color of screen overlay, using the rear camera for face detection, and an app booster. So, if all these features sound interesting to you, check out Face Pause on the Google Play Store.

Download FacePause from the Play Store (Free)

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Packed With Superior Technology, vivo Z1 Pro is the Best Choice for a Tight Budget

The budget smartphone market in India is crowded with a ton of new and interesting smartphones, but if you are someone who is in a tight budget of around Rs. 15,000, you might want to look at the vivo Z1 Pro, which starts at Rs. 14,990. The latest budget smartphone from vivo packs in great features and cutting edge technologies that make it the best choice for people who are on a tight budget.

vivo Z1 Pro Features That Make It A Great Budget Smartphone

The vivo Z1 Pro packs in a lot of great features but let’s focus on the highlights that truly make it a great budget smartphone:

Premium Design and Unique Display

First up, one of the major highlights of the vivo Z1 Pro is the new display, which features an in-display camera. The vivo Z1 Pro is the first smartphone to feature the in-display design in the sub-Rs 15,000 price segment. We are talking about a massive 6.53-inch FHD+ IPS LCD display, with a not-so-huge camera hole on the top left. This display makes up for an immersive experience, be in while gaming or while watching videos. Plus, the vivo Z1 Pro comes with the Widevine L1 license, so you will be able to watch Netflix and Prime Video content in HD.

When it comes to the screen protection, the vivo Z1 Pro comes with a Schott Xensation 3D glass that’s better at scratch protection than Gorilla Glass 5 by almost 8.15%, which sounds great.

On the back, the vivo Z1 Pro comes with a dual tone gradient finish that is certainly very eye grabbing. We have the Sonic Blue variant of the phone that looks really cool. There’s the fingerprint scanner here, the triple cameras and the vivo branding. The usual buttons along with a Google Assistant button, the speaker on the bottom, the headphone jack, and the microUSB port round up the design of the Z1 Pro.

First Phone in India With Snapdragon 712

The vivo Z1 Pro is the first smartphone in India to come with the new Snapdragon 712 chipset, which is a new 10nm chipset that packs in two Kryo 360 gold cores clocked at 2.3GHz and six Kryo 360 silver cores clocked at 1.7GHz.

When it comes to the benchmarks, the Snapdragon 712 on the vivo Z1 Pro compares very well against the likes of the Snapdragon 675 and the Snapdragon 710.

When it comes to real world performance, the vivo Z1 Pro handles day to day tasks with ease. The multitasking too is pretty good, thanks to the 4 gigs of RAM on board. On the gaming front, PUBG Mobile runs on High graphics settings by default and the game runs pretty smoothly, which is just great at this price point. Plus, the phone comes with PUBG Mobile-centric features like the countdown timer or voice changer.

Triple Cameras on a Budget

Another highlight of the vivo Z1 Pro is the triple camera setup. Not many phones in this price range feature triple cameras on the back, so this is a great addition from vivo. The vivo Z1 Pro features a primary 16MP sensor, an 8MP ultra wide-angle lens and a 2MP depth sensor.

With the vivo Z1 Pro, you will be able to capture nice day time and night time photos, really cool ultra wide angle photos, and great portrait mode photos. Here are some photos captured from the vivo Z1 Pro:

1 of 9

On the video front, the vivo Z1 Pro has support for 4K at 30FPS videos, which is great for the price of the phone. When it comes to the front, the vivo Z1 Pro features a 32MP camera that has all the features. You get the different modes like portrait mode with portrait light effects, AI beauty mode, night mode, the fun video mode, AR stickers and more.

Feature Packed Software

The vivo Z1 Pro comes with vivo’s very own FunTouch OS on top of Android 9 Pie and this is an OS that is packed with features. There’s face unlock support, which is decently fast, there are navigation gestures, a motorbike mode, Game Turbo to push higher frame rates while gaming, the Jovi smart assistant, iManager monitoring app, Smart motion gestures, and a lot more. If you are someone who wants all the features on your smartphone, the vivo Z1 Pro can be a great choice.

Massive Battery with Fast Charging

Lastly, there’s one more thing that makes the vivo Z1 Pro a great buy and that is the massive battery on board. The vivo Z1 Pro comes with a huge 5,000 mAh battery that should easily last you more than a day.

Plus, the huge battery on the vivo Z1 Pro charges pretty fast. The phone comes with an 18W fast charger that should charge the vivo Z1 Pro pretty quickly. That’s not all, the phone also has OTG reverse charging support, which means you can use this device as a power bank and charge other devices on the move.

vivo Z1 Pro: A Budget Smartphone You Can Buy

Well, those were the highlights of the vivo Z1 Pro and well, it’s pretty clear, this is a capable budget smartphone. It has got a nice, premium back finish, the in-display design on the front, rear triple cameras, the powerful Snapdragon 712 chipset, a massive battery with fast charging and a feature packed OS. So, if you are on a tight budget and you want a phone that has all the features you can think of, you can go for the vivo Z1 Pro. This is a great budget smartphone.

Buy vivo Z1 Pro from Flipkart: (Rs. 14,990)

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5 Cool New Icon Packs You Should Check Out

It is no wonder that everyone looks at their home screen several times a day. Hence, spending some time to customize it will improve the overall look and feel of your smartphone. Now, changing the icon pack is one of the easiest ways to quickly customize the home screen, but picking an icon pack that suits your needs can be really difficult as there are a lot of icon packs on the Google Play Store. This is why we have picked some of the newly arrived icon packs with decent aesthetics so that you can customize your home screen and app drawer faster than ever before.

1. Resicon Pack Flat

If you’ve ever used Lineage OS, I’m sure that you would fall in love with this icon pack at first sight. The icon pack includes most of the LineageOS icons redesigned in a flat style. Icon Masking feature is present in this icon pack that allows users to make the unthemed icons look similar to the themed ones. If any of your favorite icon packs are missed out, you can send a request by going to the Icon Request section in the app.

Resicon Pack Flat

Download Resicon Pack Flat (Free)

2. Minty Icons

Minty Icons is one of the icon packs to go for if you’re into vector icons. The app includes over 1200 vector icons that look elegant and premium. The wallpapers included in the app are just incredible and they suit the icon pack very well. If you need more from the icon pack, there is a premium version that gets updated more often and has support for more icons.

Minty IconsDownload Minty Icons (Free) | Download Minty Icons Pro (Paid)

3.OxyPie Free Icon Pack – Round UI

OxyPie is an icon pack for people who like to keep it minimal without missing out on elegance. The icon pack is inspired by the icons found in the Oxygen OS. Over 4300 icons are themed which means most of the apps you use on a daily basis will have an OxyPie variant of it.

OxyPie Free Icon Pack - Round UI

Download OxyPie Free Icon Pack – Round UI (Free)

4. Afterglow Icons

Afterglow icons give you that subtle look and feel made of pastel colors without much brightness. The icon pack is relatively new and support for new icons are being added every week. As of now, there are 600 icons that cover most of the mainstream apps. The aspect I love the most about Afterglow icons is that it suits almost all the wallpapers I have which is definitely a plus.

Afterglow Icons

Download Afterglow Icons (Free)

5. Linebit Icon Pack

Linebit icon pack is undoubtedly my personal favorite icon pack on this list. The icon pack has a unique feel to it that makes me not to switch from it. In fact, I keep coming back to Linebit after trying many new icon packs. Currently, there are over 2750 themed icons and hence most of the apps you use will be themed. The developer support is also quite great in this icon pack as I personally have requested a few icons and they got added in the next update. The app is not available for free but trust me, you will not regret this purchase.

Linebit icon packDownload Linebit (Paid)

So, those were few of the icon packs we thought you should try to customize your Android device. Do you have similar suggestions? Drop them in the comments section below.

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6 Apps to Enhance Your WhatsApp Experience

WhatsApp, the instant messaging platform now owned by Facebook, has become one of the primary sources for keeping in touch with friends and family. The app has over 1 billion users across the globe which is why we thought to bring you a list of few Android apps which would make your experience in using WhatsApp better. So, here are 6 apps that should enhance your WhatsApp experience:

1. Square Pic

You must be aware that WhatsApp needs the image to be in a square format for setting the profile picture. Often times, images we upload needs to get trimmed in the most essential parts which result in less appealing pictures. To get around this, there is an app called Square Pic that allows you to change your image to the square format.

The app also has many bonus features like setting background colors, adjusting blur intensity, adding Snapchat styled text, setting borders and even applying filters. Check out the app and never compromise on your profile pictures ever again.

square pic

Download Square Pic (Free)

2. Status Saver

We all have that friend who shows-off cool videos in their WhatsApp statuses. If asked to send them over, they will act as if they created the video. We all have been there and it totally sucks to depend on someone just because you loved that cute cat video. Well, not anymore. You don’t have to rely on your overachiever friend to get their awesome statuses. With Status Saver, you can simply download any image or video your contacts have uploaded to WhatsApp Status.

The app has ads which can be removed by a one-time in-app purchase of Rs. 150. Check out Status Saver from the link given below.

Status Saver

Download Status Saver (Free, In-App Purchases)

3. Sticker Maker

With the usage of stickers becoming mainstream these days, you would definitely not want to miss out on all the fun of sending customized stickers which is why we added Sticker Maker in the list.

The app lets you create custom stickers from your own images. If you need step by step instructions on how to create your own sticker, feel free to check our guide here. Alternatively, you can check the image below for a quick understanding of how the app works.

sticker maker

Download Sticker Maker (Free)

4. SKEDit

Nobody wants to miss sending those 12 AM birthday wishes to their loved ones. But, if you’re a morning person, staying up late till 12 AM will not just work for you and chances of you falling asleep are more. Worry not, there is an app called SKEDit which lets you schedule messages to a time you desire. The app will automatically send messages in the scheduled time and it works just fine.

Bonus Tip: You can schedule something like “Sorry dear, my eyes are getting tired to the point where I can’t even read what you just sent even though I really want to, let’s catch up tomorrow” as a message after 5 minutes to get away with not replying any further if the person has sent you a message. However, be warned that you should use this only if you’re completely sure that the person would be awake at that time or it would obviously backfire.

The app also has much more use cases like reminding someone to take meds, periodically checking on friends and family, and much more. The opportunities are endless and we would recommend you to check out the app. However, there is a catch. You will have to disable your screen lock for the app to work when the screen is turned off. If you’re okay with making that compromise, this is a must-have app.

sked it

Download SKEDit (Free)

5. Transcriber

Listening to audio messages without earphones is one of the worst things you could do to yourself as audio messages are simply unguessable these days. Transcriber, as the name hints, gives you a transcription of audio messages in text format so you don’t have to play the content in unsafe situations.

All you have to do is tap and hold the audio message and Share to Transcriber. In case you’re wondering, the app works just fine with forwarded audio files. It also supports a lot of languages for output and it worked just fine as I tried it out on a couple of languages. The app does feature ads but you can remove them by making an in-app purchase of Rs. 65.


Download Transcriber (Free, In-app Purchases)

6. Message Portal

Have you ever wanted to read deleted messages from WhatsApp? With Message Portal, you can read all the notifications at one place. Since the deleted message would have also been a notification once, it gets retained inside the app which is pretty cool. The app can also be used as a control center for all your notifications.

message portal

Download Message Portal (Free)

So, those were our top 6 picks of apps that improve your overall experience in WhatsApp. Do you have any similar suggestions? Tell us in the comments section.

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10 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Screen Protectors You Can Buy

When it comes to top-notch phablets, Samsung Galaxy Note series has always reigned supreme. And with the arrival of Galaxy Note 10 Plus, the game looks heavily in favor of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. Sporting elegant design coupled with high-end specs, the smartphone is designed for power users. What has caught my attention the most in the phablet is the 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED display. Boasting a screen resolution of 1,440 x 3,040 pixels, the display has a pixel density of 495 PPI which makes for a crisp and enhanced viewing experience. Knowing how precious Dynamic AMOLED display is, you should safeguard it. To help you easily pick out a reliable screen protector, I have rounded up the best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus screen protectors.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Screen Protectors

Keep a couple of simple tips in mind before putting your bucks on a screen guard:

Which Screen Defender Would Be Better for Your Need?

For maximum safeguard, tempered glass screen protectors are the go-to options. Powered by industry-standard hardness, they can effortlessly provide impact protection while also keep scratches at a fair distance. They also offer pretty good clarity and remain responsive to the touch. However, if you want a bit more touch sensitivity and transparency, liquid screen guards would be a touch better. Not to mention, liquid skins are also considered to be a tad more friendly with digital pens. So, if you wish to make the most of your S Pen, liquid screen defenders should be your favorite pick. Now that the pep talk is done, let’s discover what the top screen guards for Galaxy Note 10+ have to offer!

1. ESR Galaxy Note 10+ Screen Protector

For offering a trusted protection to the 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED display of your Note 10 Plus, ESR screen protector seems right on the money. To me, what makes it one of the best Note 10+ screen protectors is the durability. The company claims that it’s 3x stronger than other ordinary screen guards and can also withstand 11lbs of pressure, which means you can fully trust this defender to keep the screen protected from random bumps and scratches.


Another notable feature of the screen guard is the curved design which offers edge-to-edge coverage to the screen for uncompromised protection. And with oleophobic coating put in place, ESR screen guard doesn’t allow oil, smudge, and dust to destroy the clarity and responsiveness of the screen. The only con of this screen protector is that it’s not compatible with the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor, which is a big disappointment.

Buy From Amazon: $13.99 (pack of 2)

2. PULEN Liquid Skin Screen Protector for Note 10+

Should you want to get the most out of your all-new S Pen, look no further than PULEN. This liquid-skin screen guard is designed to deliver 99.99% HD clarity so that you have an excellent viewing experience. Being very smooth and responsiveness, it allows the digital pen to glide smoothly. Hence, you can feel comfortable while sketching or making a quick note on the go.


Unlike many other screen guards in the market, PULEN doesn’t turn yellow either. Plus, it is also pretty good at preventing oil, dust, and smudge from building up on the screen. As a result, you will have the desired transparency and smoothness for long. Lastly, the company offers three packs without any additional price, which makes it a good deal.

Buy From Amazon: $9.99 (pack of 3)

3. Dome Glass

This screen guard from Dome Glass has got all the qualities to be a long term prospect for your Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The best part about it is the durability that ensures the screen has a dependable protector for long. Whether it’s thwarting shock or resisting scuffs, it can pass the test without any issue. It’s one of the best if not the best Galaxy Note 10 Plus screen protectors you can buy as far as strength is concerned.

Dome Glass

The screen protector also brings 3D curved edges and hence excels in offering the full defense to the entire screen. Sensitivity wise, Dome Glass screen protector is up to the task. And it’s all thanks to the ability to put sweat, fingerprints and smudge away. While everything about Dome Glass sounds, the only thing that is heavily against it is the way too expensive price. If price is no concern for you, then you should check out this one.

Buy From Amazon: $49.99

4. Ahker Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 10+

What makes Ahker a solid defender for the Dynamic AMOLED display is the high-quality tempered glass coupled with 9H hardness. Thus, the screen gets the much-needed protector to absorb shock and also keep off nasty scratches. At 0.3mm thickness, it’s also a bit sturdy, which should empower it to last a little longer.


The curved design plays a vital role in not only fitting perfectly on the screen but also making sure the display has full coverage. In terms of clarity, Ahker touts to offer 99% transparency which is up to the mark. Just like many other tempered glass screen protectors, it can also resist fingerprints and oil. Therefore, your screen will always be free from dust and respond to your touch without any issue.

Buy From Amazon: $8.98 (pack of 2)

5. Galaxy Note 10+ Tempered Glass by GESMA

When it comes to being a reliable defender for the Note 10+ screen, GESMA is at par with the very best in the business. The tempered glass screen guard is extremely protective and can effortlessly take on accidental bumps and also ward off even nasty scratches. Being completely bubble-free, GESMA is pretty easy to install. Moreover, this screen guard also won’t leave behind any residue when removed – a plus whichever way you look at it.

GESMA Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Screen Protector

Another quality that makes GESMA one of the best screen guards for Note 10 Plus is the maximum clarity. The company claims to deliver up to 99% clarity which can go a long way in boosting your viewing experience. Thanks to the presence of oleophobic coating, this screen defender can also fight out smudge and oil to ensure the screen doesn’t lose clarity and smoothness.

Buy From Amazon: $6.95

6. Galaxy Note 10 Plus Screen Protector by WRJ

Both in terms of providing the needed protection to the screen and smoothness to the touch, WRJ screen guard can stand up to the demand. Made of TPU film, the screen protector can let you get the most out of the ultra-large display thanks to the high-clarity that go up to 99.99%. Being liquid, the screen is extremely sensitive to the touch, ensuring both your tap and digital pen can seamlessly glide on the screen.


The screen guard also does a more than decent job in resisting dust and sweat to keep the responsiveness intact for long. Beyond smoothness, the company provides the screen guard in three-packs at one price. So, if you are looking for an affordable option, WRJ screen guard would be a fine option.

Buy From Amazon: $9.99 (pack of 3)

7. Ferilinso Galaxy Note 10 Plus Film Screen Protector

“Ferilinso” has come with up a reasonably good screen protector for Samsung’s latest phablet. And having given a close look at what has it in store, I am pretty satisfied with its quality. Made of top-notch TPU film, Ferilinso screen guard should be able to endure minor shock.


As for protection from scratches, this screen guard can ward off normal scratches without any problem. So from a protection perspective, it should live up to the billing. As it’s bubble-free, the installation process should be an easy affair. Both in terms of clarity and sensitivity, Ferilinso is as good as any high-quality TPU film screen protectors available in the market.

Buy From Amazon: $10.99 (pack of 3)

8. Galaxy Note 10 Plus Screen Protector by IVSO

I rate IVSO screen protectors very highly for a couple of main reasons. First and foremost, the screen guard is made of high-quality TPU material which provides top-of-the-line clarity. Thanks to the high transparency, you have a ch better viewing experience. And the second, the screen guard doesn’t turn yellow over time.


With the rounded edge, it fits ideally on the entire screen. Moreover, the screen defender also has the desired smoothness to let you use your digital pen elegantly. Despite being extremely thin, it can even fight out low volume impact. Besides, you can trust the liquid screen to keep sweat and dust at an arm’s length.

Buy From Amazon: $9.99 (pack of 3)

9. QHOHQ Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Though QHOHQ is not a big name, its screen protectors have got the quality to be an adorable shield for Note 10’s display. The environmental-friendly TPU material gives it enough strength to endure shock. It’s also anti-scratch to prevent scuffs from destroying the display. And with the smooth edge, it makes sure the screen gets the full cover to stay protected.


The company says that the screen guard offers maximum HD clarity. Thus, you will continue to get crisp and clear. Furthermore, the ability to resist sweat and dust also stand it in good stead. Hence, the responsiveness stays intact for long. Overall, it’s an appreciable screen protector as it has covered all the basics.

Buy From Amazon: $9.99 (pack of 3)

10. Dahkoiz

Last but not least, Dahkoiz has come up with a smart deal, which many of you would like to cash-in-on! Well, if you don’t want your spending on Galaxy Note 10+ case and screen protector to go beyond $10, this could be worth giving a look at as the package includes an impressive TPU case and a screen protector.


The case sports a slim look and wraps around the Note 10+ spotlessly. Not to mention, it can also endure minor bumps and keep scratches at bay. With the raised edges, the cover offers additional defense to both screen and camera. Talking about the screen guard, it’s fully bubble-free and provides the desired clarity to enhance viewing.

Buy From Amazon: $7.99

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Keep the Beautiful Display Protected with the Best Galaxy Note 10 Plus Screen Protectors

Now that you have got the top screen protectors for Galaxy Note 10+ lined up, pick out the one that is in sync with your needs. A beautiful display deserves uncompromising protection. So, it’s always better to stay on the safer side of the fence right from the onset. By the way, let me know your favorite screen guard and the things that make it stand out. Also, share with us your favorite Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ screen protectors by writing in the comments section below.

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