BSNL STV 49 Is Getting 2GB Data And Free Voice Calls

BSNL is always offering new plans and offers to keep its consumers happy. There are many excellent prepaid plans that BSNL offers and no company is offering such plans to compete with it. Talk about the BSNL’s STV 49, this plan was introduced by the BSNL a few days ago and it has been offered for a limited time.

BSNL’S STV-49 Gets 2GB Data

BSNL’s STV-49 has been listed from 1 September 2020. This offer is going to last 90 days. The STV-49 offers 2GB of data. Along with data benefits, 100 free minutes will also be available in the plan. After these call minutes are over, the call charge will be 45 paise per minute. 100 free SMS will also be available along with data and voice calling. The validity of this Rs 49 plan of BSNL is 28 days and the self-care keyword for this plan is ‘STV COMBO49‘.

This plan is getting a period of 28 days at a price of only Rs 49. This plan is a good option for such a user who uses his phone not for data but only for calls. Even if a call is made at 48 paise per minute, it will not be very expensive for 28 days. Apart from this, this plan is also good for users who only want to keep their BSNL SIM card active.

BSNL offers many such prepaid plans in the Rs 100 category. In July, the company offered two plans of Rs 94 and Rs 95. These plans come with a period of 90 days which can also be extended through prepaid vouchers. Both plans offer 3GB of data and 100 minutes of free calling which can be used for roaming on a home network and Delhi or Mumbai circle. This benefit can only be used in the initial 90 days, after which this benefit will be over.

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