Boston Dynamics Dog like Robot, Spot, does presently helping the NYPD to Solve Crimes

If you are a little interested in robotics, I’m sure you know Spot, the very popular dog-shaped robot from Boston Dynamics. After the robotics company started selling this four-legged machine to consumers, we’ve seen companies like Ford deploy the robot to work in one of their factories. Now, reporters say they have seen “Spot” (ironic) helping the New York Police Department (NYPD) solve crimes.

According to a New York Post report, a shooting stemming from a parking dispute led NYPD to descend on Cypress Hills in Brooklyn, New York. The incident happened recently and reporters at that scene discovered that Place was working with the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit.

Now Spot, as we know, does design to be an inspection robot that can plan an area by navigating remotely. When Ford implemented the robot in its factory, the robot was tasked with mapping the factory and converting it to a 3D model.

Therefore, it is still unclear how the NYPD is using Spot to solve crimes. The robot can’t even smell anything, unlike a real dog.

However, when Spot was in development, the Massachusetts State Police reportedly became the first law enforcement agency in the US to use the robot dog in its operations. Back then, this agency used the robot as a “mobile remote observation device” during cases.

Featured Image : IndustryWeek

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