Black Ops Cold War has a hardcore playlist like any other Call of Duty game, and that means a different meta of weapons for the most visceral mode.

The extreme modes in Black Ops Cold War change some of the settings traditionally tied to the main game modes. One of those changes is the removal of some elements from the user interface, as well as the minimap without a spy plane.

However, the biggest change is the increased damage to all weapons in the game. A drastic change in damage generally makes weapons that appear weak at the core dominate in a Hardcore environment.

5.Type 63

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The Type 63 is not too exciting in the main modes of Black Ops Cold War. However, in Hardcore modes, he is a monster that can kill with one shot, whether the hit is to the head or not.

All of the basic stats lend themselves to a great Type 63 build. There’s plenty of ammo in the base magazine, bullet speed is fast, and every shot is deadly to enemy players.

4.Gallo SA12

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Shotguns in Black Ops Cold War are powerful no matter what game mode is being played. The Hauer 77 pump shotgun tends to be more powerful in basic modes due to its ability to kill with a single shot. However, for basic stats, the Gallo SA12 has a better range, rate of fire, and a lot more ammo.

In Hardcore modes, the Rooster SA12 can easily kill players with a single shot. Makes facing the weapon frustrating, especially in tight spaces.

3.Pelington 703

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Like shotguns, the LW3 – Tundra is usually the sniper of choice due to its higher core damage. The Pelington 703 tends to have more impact markers in a normal match. However, in hardcore, the weapon is a guaranteed one-shot kill.

Without having to worry about hit markers, the Pelington 703 is a no-brainer for any prime sniper in Black Ops Cold War.


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For gamers who still want to play hardcore fast, the MP5 is a fantastic option. It still retains a ton of DPS, and players will be wrecked in melee fights. Along with some ammo extensions, the MP5 is scary in the same way as in the main game modes.


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The M16 follows the same rule as other weapons on this list. In essence, the AUG is usually the best blast weapon due to the guaranteed damage.

However, when both weapons are single burst, the M16’s accuracy and rate of fire make it much more attractive than the AUG in Hardcore.

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