Battlegrounds Mobile India Fixes Data Sharing Issues With the Chinese Server

Following allegations that Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India is sending user data to Chinese servers, the developer has finally released a statement and solution to resolve the issue. The company issued an official statement regarding the data sharing policy of its newly released Battle Royale title (a rebranding of PUBG Mobile). Battlegrounds Mobile India has also received a minor update to avoid sharing user data with Chinese companies.

For those unaware, following the early access release of the highly anticipated PUBG Mobile alternative, Battlegrounds Mobile India was found to be sending user data from India to various Chinese servers, including one owned by Tencent.

In the official statement shared by Krafton, he is “fully aware of recent data handling concerns regarding the Battleground Mobile India early access trial” and is taking the issue “very dangerously.” These developers have taken some “immediate also concrete actions” to address the same.

The developer says that Battlegrounds Mobile India uses third-party solutions to enable certain game features for gamers to enjoy a high-level battle royale experience. In the process, the game shared some data with third parties in China. However, no user data that violates the game’s privacy policy has been shared with these third-party servers, says Karfton.

The data that the game shared was to enable the account migration feature, which allows players to transfer their accounts from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Additionally, Krafton pushed an update (only ~ 200Kb in size) for the title to avoid exchanging user data with Chinese servers. This was confirmed by IGN India, which ran a packet tracker while gaming after the update. So according to the IGN report, the game did not access any Chinese servers after the update. Battlegrounds Mobile India only located a Chinese server in fact of app data deletion.

So this is a sigh of relief for Indian BGMI players, as ties with Chinese companies led the Indian government to ban the popular PUBG Mobile game along with many other apps last year. Furthermore, before the launch of BGMI, we even saw that an MLA called for a gambling ban for such ties to Chinese entities.

However, following the recent update and official statement, there is now no possibility that the Indian government can impose any kind of ban on the game before its official launch. Furthermore, this company says it will “continue to closely monitor also protect several data that is transferred to unexpected and restricted IP addresses before this official launch.”

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