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Did you know that users watch 1 billion hours of YouTube a day? That equates to 8.4 minutes per day per human!

Due to its great popularity, it is difficult for marketers to ignore the video marketing channel. But with such popularity comes great competition.

We’ve all caught ourselves watching hours and hours of cat videos. There is nothing to be ashamed of! The question is, how can marketers steal the attention of these famous cats to bring more attention to their own YouTube channels? This is exactly what this article claims to bring you because if you’ve put in the time investing in video, you don’t just want to make a profit, you need a return!

It’s time to increase your channel subscribers through strategic work. Here are 5 tips to quickly increase your YouTube subscribers.

Publish Longer videos (10+ minutes)

Although YouTube hosts many detailed and in-depth reviews and other extensive content, high-converting videos are those that are now longer than 10 minutes or longer.

Shorter videos used to perform well in the past, but now that YouTube has gained momentum, longer videos tend to rank higher.

Comscore published in January 2014 that the average duration of most YouTube videos was around 4.4 minutes. For content creators just starting out, this is the golden number.

YouTube Thumbnail image

Create a custom video thumbnail for each video instead of having one randomly generated. This only makes sense.

Using relevant annotations and images as custom thumbnails for your YouTube videos will increase the CTR (click through rate) of your videos. A custom video thumbnail with a small annotation will tell your users what your video is about.

YouTube thumbnails help you attract new users to your channel and if you’re not designing catchy thumbnails, you’re missing out on a lot.

Use A YouTube Intro & Outro

Your YouTube intro and outro not only helps branding, it will also make your video more entertaining.

Having an introduction and an exit will serve your brand and give your video a sense of professionalism. It’s like the opening theme of a television show.

Plus, an engaging intro will ensure that your viewers stay glued to the rest of the video.

Edit your videos ruthlessly

Thomas Hawk, a renowned photographer, claims that for every photograph he publishes, he has ten rejected shots. The same goes for any type of editing.

Mercilessly edit your YouTube videos and make sure only the best ones get posted.

If you are quick to stick strictly to your schedule and post randomly, it will only hurt you and your brand as a whole. Make a lot of recordings while recording a video and make sure only the best parts are selected.

Be Frequent

You must have heard this a lot, but repeating it is never enough. It is very important to stay on the radar because the number of YouTube channels accumulates with each passing day. So be sure to create and upload your videos frequently. It is always best to create a content program that makes it organized and easy to handle editing and publishing.

The main reason is that people come to YouTube to watch videos and if they have subscribed to your channel, they want to watch the videos from time to time. In other words, there must be a video every time a viewer enters your channel subscribers. Last but not least, if you don’t post videos frequently, you could end up losing subscribers.

Optimize your video descriptions

Returning to the SEO aspect of YouTube videos, the description of the video should not be neglected.

The description will not only allow your videos to be found in search engines, but it will also give potential viewers an idea of what your video is about.

But don’t overdo it. Having a very detailed description doesn’t make sense because only the first few lines of your description are displayed when the video initially loads.

Again, just like the title, you should use your keyword in the description, and again, don’t overdo it. Don’t think you’re outwitting the search engine by adding your keyword 17 times. Doing this will really affect your chances of showing up in searches.

Keep it natural and authentic.

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Facebook tells it is pressuring Apple to allow third-party messaging apps to be set as default on iPhones. In a conversation with The Information, Facebook’s head of messaging Stan Chudnovsky said the company is trying to convince the Cupertino giant to allow iPhone users to set their default messaging app rather than forcing them to use iMessage whether they want it or not.

According to Chudnovsky, “We understand that people should be able to use different messaging apps and the default one on their phone. Generally, everything moves in this direction anyway“. He also insisted that Apple’s methods are unfair to third-party developers because it does not provide them a level playing field on iOS. A more open operating system, such as Android, will allow other developers, such as Facebook, to compete on a level playing field, he said.

Chudnovsky further stated that Apple may not be willing to make the switch because that could affect iPhone sales in the long term. When asked why he thinks Apple has steadfastly refused to change its position despite possible antitrust scrutiny, he said: “The main assumption is that messaging drives hardware sales.”

While Apple may not be willing to open the messaging service on iPhones to third-party developers, the company has included options in iOS 14 to allow users to change the default web browser and email client. While the company appears unwilling to allow users to replace iMessage as the default messaging app on iOS, for now, it will be interesting to see if that will change in the future.

Realme UI 2.0 was recently published as the newest version of Realme’s custom Android software. It is based on ColorOS 11, the newest version of OPPO’s custom Android software built on top of Android 11. ColorOS 11 comes with many new features in addition to Android 11, like many theme options and Google Lens integration for translations, and Realme UI 2.0 also comes with all these features. However as a Realme user, you will probably wonder when you will get an update. Fortunately, Realme has now released a roadmap for its “early access” program for various devices in the company’s line.

The first device to get an early access version of Realme UI 2.0 will be the Realme X50 Pro, which is scheduled to receive the beta version later this month. Next, we have the Realme 7 Pro plus the new Realme Narzo 20, which receive their updates in November. Realme 6 Pro, Realme 7, Realme Narzo 20 Pro, and Realme X2 Pro will receive their updates around December. In Q1 and Q2 2020, the remaining smartphones in Realme’s current list, which involves devices like the Realme X3 SuperZoom, Realme Narzo 10, and Realme X, will get their beta versions.

 List of the Realme phones that will get the Realme UI 2.0 update:

September 2020

Realme X50 Pro

November 2020

Realme 7 Pro

Realme Narzo 20

December 2020

Realme 6 Pro

Realme 7

Narzo 20 Pro

Realme X2 Pro

January 2021

Realme X3

Realme X3 SuperZoom

Realme X2

Realme 6

Realme C15

Realme C12

February 2021

Realme 6i

Narzo 10

March 2021

Realme C3

Narzo 10A

Q2 2021

Realme X

Realme XT

Realme 3 Pro

Realme 5 Pro

Narzo 20A

Realme UI 2.0 (Source: Gizmochina)

While the Realme 3 Pro and 5 Pro are all set to get the latest Android 11-based Realme UI 2.0 update, the Realme 3 and 5 vanilla are not in action. Comments on the company’s tweet are flooded with inquiries about it. If the company does not intend to roll out an Android 11 update for these smartphones, it could at least give its new skin, Realme UI 2.0, to those users just like Xiaomi does with MIUI every year.

Lots of PUBG Mobile players ask “How to get more kills and chicken dinners?“. The answer is pretty easy: practice, practice, practice!

It has also been observed that some players do not get more kills even though they are at ‘Ace‘ level. There are many PUBG players who have passed level 50 but still have less than five KD.

 Here are top 5 tips, on how to get more kills.

1. Play Solo VS Squad

Solo VS Squad PUBG Mobile(Source: Pinterest)

Playing in a squad is extremely different from playing alone. You are much faster on your own and you also have more loot to yourself. You make your own decisions and if you die you will learn from it and do things differently next time. Since you have no teammates to help you kill enemies, all kills will be there waiting for you.

2. Get the Airdrops

PUBG Air Drop(Source: UHD Wallpaper)

If you can’t find enemies, look for a nearby airdrop. Everybody wants an AWM and level 3 armor, so if an airdrop is coming, always do it. Chances are high that enemy squads want it too.

3.Always Have a Vehicle and Move Fast

PUBG Mobile Vehicle(Source: Android Authority)

I cannot stress enough how important time is. The hard part is not killing enemies, but finding enough enemies before the game is over. By using vehicles you will travel much faster and they will also protect you from gunfire.

4. Dont Waste Time on Looting, Let the Enemies Loot for You

PUBG Mobile Loot(Source: MobiGyaan)

Pick one weapon quickly before the others and push them. Everyone you kill has at least looted something useful that you will get. Whether it’s a first aid kit, a level 2 vest, an M416 or just ammo, no matter what it is, it’s better than wasting time looting houses because in the meantime you’ve killed yourself.

5. Land in Hot Places

Depending upon the path of the plane and the nearest hot-drop, always try to land in Novorepnoye, Military Base, Pochinki, or Georgopol. While there are numerous players in 1 place, there is usually more loot. After leaving the landing area for the next city, you should have between 5 and 10 kills.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular and most played mobile games today. It is developed by Tencent Games. With the rise in popularity of the game, many tips and tricks have emerged on the internet, helping players take advantage of what other players cannot. So, let’s get introduced with the most popular PUBG hacks in 2020, allowing you to have the upper hand against your enemies in PUBG mobile.

ESP PUBG Mobile Hack

ESP Hack PUBG Mobile(Source: Sportskeeda)

ESP stands for Enhanced Sensory Perception, and this means that it improves a player’s sensory perception in the game, but allows the player to perceive details that other players cannot see. Features include the location of other players and their names, their respective health bars, the location of crates and loot, etc. The process is not very difficult, but it takes some patience to enable this hack. Numerous gaming YouTubers have claimed that this is an anti-ban PUBG hack that will not lead to you getting a lifetime ban from PUBG. But still, follow the steps to be safe:

  1. Don’t play too many matches using the hack.
  2. Use it only in the lobby for the first few days.
  3. And after you get used to it, you can start playing more matches using the hack.
  4. Follow the steps carefully to avoid getting banned.
  5. Last but not least, use PUBG Hack at your own risk.

How to Download and Install PUBG Moblie Hack

Step 1: Go through the download link at the end of this article to download the apk file.

Step 2: After downloading the apk file, your device will ask you to install it. Allow third-party installation.

Step 3: Wait until the installation process finishes. Soon a PUBG Mobile Hack icon will appear in your device menu.

Step 4: Click the icon to open the apk file. That’s! Enjoy!

Download Hack From This Link

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Like Tiktok videos go from slow motion to hyperspeed in no time. The company’s problems seem to grow at a similar rate. First of all, the Tiktok app was banned in India along with 58 other Chinese apps. And just yesterday, the Trump administration announced that Tiktok will be removed from app stores in the United States on Sunday. TikTok use will be banned in the US in November, according to the order.

In retaliation, TikTok’s parent company Bytedance filed a complaint against the president’s executive order in federal court in Washington on Friday night, according to the Bloomberg report. He has asked the judge to stop the Trump administration from banning the application of short videos for political purposes. It also hinders citizens’ First Amendment free speech rights, the complaint says.

The complaint mentions that President Trump has exceeded his authority by banning the application of short videos. He has made such a move for political reasons rather than trying to stop an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to the US Furthermore, he mentions that the ban seeks to destroy an online community of millions, who come together to share their opinions and express themself freely. This is not the first time that TikTok has decided to sue the Trump administration for illegal dealing in the last month.

Bytedance further added that it has provided evidence of its commitment to the privacy and security of US users. But the US Department of Commerce just ignored it, choosing to “order the destruction of TikTok” by banning the app in the country. The complaint further reveals that the president issued the order saying that TikTok had no rights and that the sale of TikTok’s operations in the US would not be approved if he did not pay the government, which he later said would be illegal.

If he hasn’t been following up, Trump initially said that a TikTok ban could easily be avoided if the app is bought by an American tech giant. Microsoft and Oracle were the two reported bidders, with the latter winning the tender earlier this week. However, the Trump administration appears reluctant to approve the deal and expects to be paid as part of a deal for TikTok’s US operations.

All of this makes it seem like the president is more concerned with extracting some money for the US using the TikTok trade deal, as he would with one of his own companies. The talk about the privacy and security of the citizens of the country seems a shame to cover up his true intentions. It’s certainly a disaster we’ll hear more about in the coming weeks.

IPL 2020 is one of the greatest cricket tournaments in the world and has numerous fans, particularly in India. As soon as BCCI announced that IPL 2020 would start from September 19, 2020, fans went berserk as they eagerly awaited the matches to begin.

However, due to the dangers of the coronavirus still lurking in the country, many Indian fans would not be able to witness the amazement of watching cricket live at the stadium as it will take place in the United Arab Emirates. But you can still watch it remotely via Star Sports TV channels and the Disney + Hotstar OTT platform.

That is why many people are wondering how to get a free Hotstar subscription for IPL 2020. If you are wondering the same thing then don’t worry, this is all you need to know.

How to get free Hotstar subscription for IPL 2020?

All a person needs to know is that Jio and Airtel are providing a free subscription to Disney + Hotstar through various plans for one year. This means that you only need to recharge the package to enjoy IPL on Hotstar for free. So, having in mind the love and emotions of all the IPL fans, we have listed some of the best recharge plans from Airtel and Reliance Jio to watch IPL for free on Disney + Hotstar.

Jio Cricket Plan

  • Jio 598 Plan: The Jio 598 prepaid plan provides validity of 56 days with 2GB per day high-speed data and 2000 minutes for calls to numbers of other companies with a subscription to the Jio suite of applications. It also provides a 1-year subscription to Disney + Hotstar worth Rs. 399 at no additional cost and 100 SMS per day.
  • Jio 401 Plan: The Jio 401 plan comes with 3GB of data per day valid for 28 days. The bundle offers a free subscription to the Jio apps and a 1-year subscription to Disney + Hotstar worth Rs 399 at no additional cost. It comes with Jio to Jio Unlimited, Jio to Non-Jio FUP of 1000 minutes, and also comes with 100 SMS per day.

Airtel cricket plan

  • Airtel 599 Plan: The Airtel 599 plan comes with 2GB of data per day valid for 56 days. The bundle offers a free subscription to the Wynk music app and a 1-year subscription to Disney + Hotstar worth Rs 399 at no additional cost. It also comes with unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day.
  • Airtel 448 Plan: The Airtel 448 plan comes with 3GB of data per day valid for 28 days. The bundle offers a free subscription to the Wynk music app, Airtel Xstream Premium, and a 1-year Disney + Hotstar subscription worth Rs 399 at no additional cost. It also comes with unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day.

Qualcomm usually reveals its next-gen flagship silicon in December, and we expect the latest chipset (SM8350) to be called the Snapdragon 875.

Taiwan’s TSMC has largely made the latest generations of Qualcomm’s flagship processors, but Business Korea and Hankyung report that the Snapdragon 875 will now be made by Samsung Electronics.

The previous post notes that the Snapdragon 875 will be manufactured in a 5nm process, making it a smaller size than the current generation Snapdragon 865 series. Companies such as Apple, Huawei, MediaTek, and Samsung are also assumed to adopt 5nm designs for their flagship processors.

Business Korea reports that Qualcomm’s contract to make the new silicon is worth $ 1 billion and that mass production of the new chipset is underway. It adds that the Samsung Galaxy S30 series, as well as phones from Xiaomi and Oppo, will use the new processor, which is generally part of the Snapdragon flagship hardware course.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Samsung has produced a Snapdragon flagship chipset, as it previously made the 2016 Snapdragon 820. However, it would represent a huge victory for Samsung if confirmed.

We will have to wait for more Snapdragon 875 leaks and the official reveal to find out more, but we expect the chipset to be equipped with Cortex-X1 and Cortex-A78 CPU cores from Arm, as well as the Snapdragon X60 5G modem.

With Reliance Jio reportedly gearing up to launch an affordable Android smartphone in partnership with Google, a new report now suggests that Airtel is likely to follow suit to better compete with its arch-nemesis.

According to a report by the Economic Times, India’s once-largest wireless operator is in talks with smartphone makers to develop low-cost 4G phones that the company plans to combine with its mobile connections.

The devices will be full “smartphones” costing only around Rs. 2500 ($ 35). ET further adds that Airtel will offer locked and unlocked devices under this initiative. However, details are scant at the moment. Locked devices will be a first on the Indian market, so it will be interesting to see how they will be received by consumers across the country.

US carriers are well known for offering locked smartphones, reducing the huge burden of paying in advance. You can choose the service plan you prefer and then pay the same for a specified period of time. This not only gives you a new device but also calls and data services at an attractive price. Now assume this replicated model for a budget phone (already tested through JioPhone) in a market like India.

Meanwhile, the report is apparently corroborated by Light Reading. A senior executive from a national manufacturer has confirmed that Airtel is in fact working with various local brands such as Karbonn, Lava, and Micromax, to launch locked co-branded 4G devices on its network.

Yes, Airtel is exploring the option of giving bundled deals or phones with Airtel SIM lock. However, I will not be able to comment further on this due to confidentiality, ”the anonymous official reportedly told the publication.

The news appears fewer than a week after reports suggested that Reliance Jio is looking to launch new “affordable” Android smartphones before the end of this year. The company had announced a partnership with Google earlier this year for precisely this reason, so it will be interesting to see how things go in the coming days.

Last week we got a lot of information about the Xbox Series X | S, including the official price and release date (including the Indian price for consoles) and a leaked commercial showing some key features of the Xbox Series S. Surprisingly, Sony did not give any information last week about their consoles. Still, if you’re hoping to get some information on the Playstation 5, the Japanese giant has announced a showcase event on September 16.

According to Sony, it will share information on titles from Sony’s global studios and partner developers. “Our next digital showcase will last about 40 minutes and will feature updates on the latest titles from Worldwide Studios and our world-class development partners,” Sony said in its blog post announcing the event.

However, it won’t be a surprise if the company also reveals key information about the PlayStation 5. That hopefully includes the price and release date of the consoles, plus perhaps a proper timeline for pre-order.

Of course, that is an illusion at the moment. However, we have seen Sony’s past event when they showed PS5 games. That was followed by a PS 5 design reveal as well. Plus, 40 minutes seems like too long to just give updates on upcoming PS 5 titles. Hopefully, Sony will add a surprise price announcement at the end of the stream.

The event is scheduled for September 16 at 1 pm PDT. For those of us in India, that’s 1:30 am IST on September 17th. You can watch the broadcast on Twitch or YouTube if you are interested.