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Assasin’s Creed is one of the most loved video game franchises with millions of fans around the world. Ubisoft has released several amazing Assassin’s Creed games for PC and consoles, with the latest edition, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, launching on November 10, 2020. Interestingly, most gamers are unaware that some of the Assassin’s Creed games for mobile devices are also available.

Like the GTA games for mobile devices, all the Assassin’s Creed games on our list may not be free. However, the small price you pay is worth it if you want to experience the incredible gameplay of Assassin’s Creed on your mobile device. So, without more ado, let’s get started with our program.

1. Assassin’s Creed Identity

Featured Image: Android Authority

Ubisoft published Assassin’s Creed Identity in 2014 exclusively for mobile accessories. The game is developed by Blue Byte and offers an incredible gaming experience and graphics. The best information about Assassin’s Creed Identity is that you play in a third-person view, like all Assassin’s Creed games for PC also consoles. In short, you will get the proper Assassin’s Creed experience on your mobile devices for just a few dollars.

Also, you can choose from different classes of Assassins i.e Berserker, Shadow Blade, Trickster, and Thief. Additionally, you can customize your Assassin’s outfits and weapons using loot.

Download: Android, IOS

Price: $1.99 (159 INR)

2. Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

Featured Image: Ubisoft

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is Ubisoft Entertainment’s latest game for mobile devices. The game launched in 2018 and instantly caught the attention of Assassin’s Creed fans. The unique action-adventure RPG offers a unique and fun gaming experience. The characters and movements of the game will make you feel like you are in the LEGO world.

In Assassin’s Creed Rebellion, you can group up to 60 assassins in your brotherhood to work against this oppression of Spain. Then you can train, full objectives, also promote your assassins to the highest rank. It is arguably one of the best Assassin’s Creed games for mobile devices in 2020. Also, the best information about Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is that it is completely free.

Download: Android, IOS

Price: Free

3. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Featured Image: Android Central

AC Pirates launched in 2015 with elements from Assassin’s Creed IV. As the title dictates, in Assassin’s Creed Pirates, you play as Alonzo Batalla, the most feared pirate in the Caribbean Sea. The story of this adventure game is unique and it takes you about 50 missions to complete the whole story.

In Assassin’s Creed Pirates, players go through various naval battles against other pirates. Also, you can recruit members for your crew and improve different parts of your ship. So if you are looking for a decent Assassin’s Creed game for mobile devices, maybe you should give this a try.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Assassin’s Creed Pirates was removed from the Google Play Store. But, you can still install the game on your Android game using this APK link.

Download: Android

Price: Free

4. Assassin’s Creed Unity: Arno’s Chronicles

Featured Image: Youtube

Unlike other Assassin’s Creed games on our list, Assassin’s Creed Unity: Arno’s Chronicles is a Java game. This game is not available on the Google Play Store; But, you can easily find the APK link on Google.

These graphics in Arno’s Chronicles are no match for 2020 mobile games, but others offer fun gameplay. In Assassin’s Creed Unity: Arno’s Chronicles, 20 various unique levels also contain different game components. Players can create use of Stealth also awesome gadgets to complete each level, which also consists of balloon fights. In short, if you are a fan of Java games, then maybe you should not miss Assassin’s Creed Unity: Arno’s Chronicle.

Download: Android

Price: Free

5. Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines

Featured Image: IMDb

Assassin’s Creed Bloodline is the best game that you can play on your mobile. But, the game can only be played on Android through a PPSSPP emulator. Because this game is not officially available on Android devices. However, finding this PPSSPP emulator is quite easy; all it takes is a quick Google search. After downloading this emulator, you will want to extract this PSP ISO data to Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines.

Ubisoft Montreal developed Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines and released the game in 2009 for the PlayStation Portable. The story of Bloodlines brings place between these events of Assassin’s Creed also Assassin’s Creed II. This game offers players an open-world atmosphere where they can proceed through multiple missions. This game offers a unique battle style along with pleasant graphics.

Download: Emulator, Game

Price: Free

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A severe vulnerability in Xbox Live reportedly allows hackers to notice the email ID of anyone using this service. That’s according to any cybersecurity researchers who claimed to discovered the loophole and reported it to Microsoft. Since then, the vulnerability has been patched on the server-side and Microsoft has issued a statement saying that users do not have to do anything on their part to mitigate the problem.

One of the researchers who reported the issue to Microsoft is Joseph ‘Doc’ Harris, who told ZDNet that the bug was located in the ‘’ domain, which allows Xbox users to see hits against their Xbox profile also file appeals. if they feel they have been unfairly reprimanded.

According to Harris, the portal cookies contained an Xbox User ID (XUID) field that was not encrypted, allowing hackers to view other users’ emails simply by replacing the value of the XUID cookie with the XUID of a test account that you created for testing purposes. as part of the Xbox bug bounty program. “I tried overriding the cookie value and updating, and suddenly I could see the emails of other (users),” he told the blog in an interview earlier this week.

As already mentioned, Microsoft has released a patch that encrypts the XUID. In an official statement, this company said it has “released an update to help protect customers.” This bug, but, was not covered by the Xbox Bug Bounty program, meaning Harris did not get any financial awards for his research, although Microsoft has agreed to include him in their Bug Bounty Hall of Fame as a contributor.

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At the time of this writing, GTA San Andreas is officially 16 years old. That’s a long time for people to tweak the daylight of one of the most beloved titles of all time. While the game’s story and mechanics remain in 2020, its visuals leave a lot to be desired. If you’re looking to breathe new life into this childhood classic, look no further and install these 5 graphic mods for GTA San Andreas. It will take your viewing experience into this new decade.

1.V Graphics

V Graphics is the name of a mod from the ENB series that affects the look of the shaders, lighting, and reflections of the game, and this particular mod adjusts the look of the game to match that of GTA 5. This mod is perfect for someone looking for a change in the visual tone of the game, as it affects the intensity, saturation, and color balance.

Download Link

2. SRt3 Mipmap

SRt3 Mipmap is a complete surface texture overhaul for San Andreas, turning its outdated low-res surfaces into something you’d expect from a modern AAA title. Everything from road textures to store logos is redone and looks super sharp. We recommend combining this with all the other graphic mods mentioned here for the best experience.

Download link

Download link

3. 90s AVP Reborn 2.0

Featured Image:

90s Atmosphere Vehicles Pack Reborn 2.0 is a vehicle model pack that replaces the low polygon count of the game’s car models with beautifully detailed versions that keep the essence of San Andreas the same while increasing visual fidelity. They are built to look like real-life versions of cars, adding another layer of credibility to the world of San Andreas.

Download Link

4. BSOR: American Dream

Featured Image:

Trees, grass, and other foliage are often overlooked in graphic reviews, but Behind Space Of Realities: American Dream greatly improves the amount of greenery seen in-game and creates an overall spectacular graphical experience. . This mod comprehensively covers more than 40 types of trees and shrubs throughout Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas.

Download link

5. CJ Remastered Graphics Mod

Featured Image:

What would a graphics mod be without a character update that you would see throughout the game? CJ gets a makeover in the 21st century with the Carl Johnson Remastered mod that sees every aspect of CJ’s character model completely refined, improved, and improved. As a bonus, this mod also improves the textures and shoes on CJ’s clothes.

Apply the 5 graphic mods for a rejuvenating experience on one of the mainstays of gaming and share some of your graphic masterpieces with us on Twitter. Who knows, you could show up here!

Download Link

Also Read | Nokia Smart TVs by 4K screen up to 75 ″ Launched from € 400

Following the launch of this Nokia Streaming Box 8000 earlier this month, StreamView GmbH, the official licensee of Nokia Android TV, set-top boxes, also DAB + radios in this EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region, become to introduced 7 new TV Models Smart LEDs of Nokia, including a top-of-the-line 75-inch 4K Ultra HD drive. The rest of this lineup includes a 32-inch Full HD model at this entry-level and 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 58-inch, and 65-inch 4K models at the more premium end of the spectrum.

Specifications and Features

As already mentioned, only the 32-inch model comes with a Full-HD (1920 x 1080) LED panel with a brightness of up to 250 nits, while the rest feature 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) LED panels with a maximum brightness of 320 nits. They all have 178-degree viewing angles and support HDR10. Additionally, 4K models also support Dolby Vision.

All devices also come with stereo speakers, but while the 32-inch model has dual 6W units, the 43, 50, 55, and 58-inch TVs come with 2x10W units. The two largest models have dual 12W speakers. All TVs will support Dolby Digital Plus, but the 32-inch model will lose DTS Surround support.

On the software side, they will all run Android 9 out of the box and, like most smart TVs, will also support multiple traditional TV input options, including terrestrial, satellite, and cable antenna connections using the triple-tuner -in. Hardware under the hood includes a quad-core ARM CA55 CPU and MP3 Mali470 GPU along with 8GB of storage. While the 4K models come with 1.5GB of RAM, the 32-inch model only gets 1GB.

Feature Image: StreamView GmbH

Price and Availability

Nokia’s new smart TVs start at € 399.90 (~ Rs 35,000) for the 32-inch model and go up to € 1,399.90 (approximately Rs 1.23 lakh) for the 75-inch model. They will be available in select European countries and are unlikely to launch in India anytime soon. Even if they do, StreamView is unlikely to release them, as the trademark rights for Nokia Android TV devices in India are currently controlled by Flipkart. You can check the full range on the official StreamView website.

Buy Nokia Smart TV

Also Read | Samsung Odyssey G9 and G7 Curved Gaming Monitor Released in India

Samsung released its Odyssey G9 also G7 curved gaming monitors globally earlier this year, Samsung made both models in India. Revealed at CES 2020 in early January, these devices “will reinvent the gaming experience by joining comfortable shape, immersive interaction and perfect picture quality,” the company said in an official press release announcing the India launch.

While the Odyssey G9 appears with a 49-inch panel, this G7 is offered in 27-inch also 32-inch options. They are the “world’s first 1000R gaming monitors,” which means people have a 1,000-millimeter radius of curvature that agrees with the curve of this human eye for maximum immersion and minimal eyestrain. They have also achieved the industry’s first “Visual Comfort” certification from the leading certification organization, TÜV Rheinland.

Samsung Odyssey G9

Featured Image: Samsung

Samsung Odyssey G9 has a 49-inch screen that offers a native resolution “Dual Quad-HD” (DQHD; 5120 × 1440), presenting it the first consumer monitor in the world to offer that pixel density. Other specs include 240Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, 32: 9 aspect ratio, deep, wraparound 1000R curve, also 1000 cd / m2 maximum brightness. It also highlights Samsung’s Quantum dot technology combined with an HDR1000 VA panel to create natural colors.

The G9 becomes a striking new design with a bright white exterior and futuristic “infinity core” lighting at the rear, including 52 colors and five lighting effect options. The featured design and lighting effects complement any gaming setup, the company said in a statement.

Samsung Odyssey G7

Featured Image: Samsung

Like its bigger brother, the Odyssey G7 also features a fast 1ms response time with a 240Hz refresh rate and Quantum dot technology. However, unlike the G9, the G7 has a standard WQHD resolution (2,560 × 1,440 pixels) with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 and a maximum brightness of 600 cd / m2. It also comes with NVIDIA G-Sync and Adaptive-Sync support on DP1.4.

The Odyssey G7 also appears with a color-changing rear core lighting system also can change colors based on player preferences. The company has also added dynamic shapes and lighting effects to this front of the monitor for a striking visual effect.

Price and Availability

Odyssey G9 and G7 are available for pre-booking in India from November 25 (i.e. today) to December 31, 2020, with special gift deals. These monitors are priced in this range of Rs. 49,000 to Rs. 1.99,000, but it is currently unknown when they will start shipping.

The company’s official website in India has also listed a 27-inch Odyssey G5 model, which is expected to be the cheapest of all.

Buy From Here

Featured Image: smartprix

Also Read |GTA San Andreas APK + OBB to Mobile and Download Link

The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise is one of the largest and best-selling game franchises in the world. If we talk about this entire GTA series, San Andreas is probably the usually loved game in this section by fans.

GTA San Andreas is accessible on almost all platforms and Rockstar Games has also published an official version of this game for Android. GTA San Andreas is one of the largest ways to spend your available time.

Therefore, we become to created a guide, through which one can install GTA San Andreas on their Android phones. Although, before starting this process, make sure you have enough storage place to provide the APK and OBB data of this game.

How to download and install GTA San Andreas APK and OBB on an Android phone?

featured image: Pinterest

Download Link: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  1. Open Google Playstore on your phone or click this download link above.
  2. Search as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in this search bar.
  3. Click on that first result and look for the Install button.
  4. Hit this Install button once you get it and this game will start downloading automatically.

During the process, players do not need to take any additional action to install the game. Google Playstore will install the game automatically, once the download is complete. The size of this game is about 1.5GB and the whole system can take 15-20 minutes depending on your internet connection.

Several third-party websites are dedicated to hacking by making the game’s APK and OBB available for download from their site.

But, the only valid and safe way to play GTA: San Andreas on Android devices is by buying this app from the Play Store.

Featured Image: APKpure

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Sony’s next-generation console, the PlayStation 5, went on sale worldwide on November 12, and the console is experiencing high demand. While we expected that PlayStation 5 to be very scarcely available through these first few months, it turns out that the demand is very higher than Sony expected.

In an interview with Russian media outlet TASS, Sony CEO Jim Ryan told that PlayStation 5 is selling exceptionally well, so much so that Sony is focusing more on improving supply due to the large demand for the console.

“Everything is sold. Absolutely everything is sold, ”Ryan said. “Also everything will be traded in Russia, of that there is no doubt. I’ve spent much of this last year working to make sure we can create enough demand for this product. And now, in terms of my executive bandwidth, I spend a lot more time trying to increase supply to meet that demand, ”he is quoted as saying.

He also noted that the majority (nearly two-thirds) of early PlayStation 5 customers are expected to be PlayStation 4 owners, while the rest may come from another console or more from outside the console ecosystem. “Complete activities verify that the opening organization, about these launches through Christmas, nearly three-quarters, method be PS4 updates,” he replied. “And this remaining 25% will get from other consoles or it will become from outside this console ecosystem. So the vast majority of those who buy a PS5 will have a PS4 … There are about 114 million PS4s in the world, the number of those that are transferred, if you take that into account, is small.

In the meantime, we still have no information on the availability of PlayStation 5 in India. I am looking forward to the console coming to the country, although it will most likely be very difficult to get one any time soon, even after it goes on sale here.

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Amazon has been working to improve its delivery service around the world through various means. However, following the launch of Sony’s next-generation gaming console, Amazon is receiving significant complaints from customers about its distribution force stealing the ordered PS5 from Amazon boxes.

So, after the launch of the PlayStation 5 in the UK, customers who ordered the next-gen console on Amazon started reporting the theft of their orders. According to numerous posts on social media, many customers, who received their PS5 orders, found toys and other worthless items inside their Amazon packages. On the other hand, some customers did not even receive their orders even though the status of their order indicates that it has been delivered.

According to the tweet (below) shared by Anthony Dickens (@antdickens), the founder of a Nintendo-focused news website, someone replaced his new PlayStation 5 with a box of a Nerf game and sealed the Amazon box with local duct tape. . instead of the official Amazon.

In another similar incident, a popular MTV journalist Bex April May (@bexlectic) received a cheap China-made air fryer instead of Sony’s $ 499 (~ Rs 37,000) console.

Similarly, many other customers who ordered the console from Amazon received useless items like a foot massager, grill, bag of rice, and even a box of cat food instead of the game console. However, these customers at least got something, as opposed to those who received nothing at all, even though their order shows “delivered”.

As these posts began to gain attention on social platforms, Amazon UK issued a statement apologizing for the issue.

“Our aim to make our buyers happy also this has not happened in a small proportion of these orders. We are very sorry for that and we are investigating exactly what happened. We reach out to all customers who have had a problem and let us know so we can fix it. Anyone who has had a problem with any order can contact our customer service team for help, ”wrote Amazon UK.

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NASA, as we know, is an organization that aims to unravel the mysteries of our ever-growing universe. The organization’s astronomers have been studying galaxies and stars for quite some time. Now astronomers at the University of Texas have come up with the concept of an unusual “liquid mirror telescope” they intend to build in one of the craters on the Moon.

More than a decade ago, NASA astronomers thought of a concept for a unique telescope that will use liquid mirrors instead of solid mirrors like in popular telescopes. However, that project was closed by the space organization for unknown reasons.

So astronomers at the University of Texas want to take this theory and advance their research. An official article about the study will be published in a future issue of the Astrophysical Journal.

Now, the telescope concept will be like a massive tank, containing a reflective liquid, that rotates. It will be 330 feet in diameter and could be built inside a crater at one of the Moon’s poles. “The mirror of the telescope would be a rotating vat of liquid, topped by a metallic liquid and therefore reflective,” said Volker Bromm, a co-author of the paper.

Featured Image:usatoday

Astronomers say that since the telescope will be liquid-based, it will be much easier to transport components from Earth to the Moon.

Now, the main objective of the telescope would be to observe the “first stars” in the universe that, according to the researchers’ estimate, formed 13 billion years ago. Observation of these stars can provide much more information about our existence and can unravel other unknown mysteries of the universe.

So the concept of the liquid mirror telescope will be powerful enough to capture those first stars, at least in theory. Hence, it will be called “Ultimately Large Telescope.”

“This moment of the first day is behind the capabilities of current or near-future telescopes. Therefore, it is important to think of the ‘ultimate’ telescope, one that can directly observe those elusive first stars at that edge of time, ”said Bromm.

Also Read | Razer ‘Wolverine V2’ Wired Controller For Xbox Series X | S Released at $ 99.99

Having introduced the Kaira and Kaira Pro gaming headsets for Xbox Series X | S earlier this month, Razer announced a new wired controller for Microsoft’s new game consoles. Called “Razer Wolverine V2,” it’s the latest addition to the company’s gaming accessories portfolio and offers similar functionality to Microsoft’s Elite controller, but at a lower price. Like the aforementioned headsets, this new controller will also serve with Xbox One and Windows PCs, this company said in a statement.

Razer Wolverine V2 Features and Specifications

The Wolverine V2 comes with ergonomic L-shaped contoured rubber grips for a slip-resistant design and natural hold. It also comes with Mecha-Tactile and D-Pad Mecha-Tactile action buttons which the company claims will deliver “hyper-reactive performance with a cushioned touch.” The company also says that each button comes with a “3 million press life cycle” for durability and a reduced actuation distance of 0.65mm for faster action.

The Wolverine V2 comes with several additional buttons, including 2 multi-function buttons on the front of the controller that can be reassigned via the Razer Xbox Controller settings, allowing gamers to have more control and a more playful style. personalized. It also has a 3.5mm jack that can be used to connect headphones. Please note that the D-Pad and thumbsticks are not interchangeable, unlike the Microsoft Xbox Elite controller.

Featured Image: Razer

Razer Wolverine V2 price and availability

The Razer Wolverine V2 is priced at $ 99.99 (~ Rs. 7,400) in the US and is available for purchase in a black color option on the Razer website. The company has yet to announce plans for its global launch, so it’s not immediately clear when (or if) it will hit Indian shores.

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