Apple in Talks with Hyundai to Build its Long-Rumored AutoDriving Car

A couple of weeks ago, we learned that Apple has redirected its efforts to developing an autonomous vehicle. Project Titan, as you may know, was closed for a long time, but is being revived to launch a consumer vehicle around 2024. Well, it appears the report was true, as renowned automaker Hyundai has now confirmed who is in talks. with Apple.

This confirmation comes after a report from the Korean Economic Journal. He reported that Apple has proposed to Hyundai a deal not only to make the batteries but also for its next car. In reply, a Hyundai spokesperson told: “We know that Apple is in talks with a variety of global automakers, including Hyundai Motor. As this discussion is in its early stages, nothing has been decided. “

It is currently unknown whether it will be an electric vehicle or not. The company did not provide additional details. However, you can complete this with a report from Bloomberg that reveals that Apple has assembled a small team to work on this project. It is mainly made up of ex-Tesla hardware engineers.

This small team is developing a driving system, interior, and exterior design. However, the main focus will be on autonomous driving technology. The Cupertino giant aims to build self-driving cars – that’s the ultimate goal of this project. Apple aims to rival Tesla, but the company’s plan may not come true anytime soon.

I think we can all agree with the fact that building a car is not an easy task. And well, we know that Apple does not make vehicles. He desperately wants it and even tried it in 2014. But a better approach would be to build an autonomous driving system and test it with an OEM partner, like Hyundai. Apple already has a CarPlay partnership with this company. Then you can make an Apple-designed custom edition (with luxurious interiors and autonomous driving technology) of Hyundai’s latest flagship available for sale.

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