AI App Detects Internal Issues in Cars Just by Their Sounds

Although modern cars come equipped with all kinds of advanced technologies, I’m pretty sure that a strange sound coming out of your vehicle has worried you at least once, at some point. Often times, general drivers cannot analyze internal car problems with just a strange sound. And that makes the maintenance process for car owners quite complicated. So to help drivers instantly detect internal car problems, Skoda has developed a new app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect internal car defects just by listening to its sound.

Czech automaker Skoda has developed a new artificial intelligence-based application called Sound Analyzer. This app is a unique tool for drivers and auto mechanics to quickly spot a vehicle’s internal problems with just the sound of its engine.

How does it work?

Now, the way “Sound Analyzer” works is pretty straightforward. When a driver or mechanic starts the app, it records the sound of the faulty car. Then use the AI ​​algorithm to compare this recorded sound to many of the pre-recorded healthy car sounds. So if there is an abnormality in the sound pattern of the faulty car, the app can detect the internal problem and suggest a relevant solution for it.

Škoda has been testing the app on its cars for quite some time. In fact, up to 245 Škoda dealers located in countries such as Austria, Germany, France and Russia have been using Sound Analyzer since June 2019.

Speaking about the new app, Stanislav Pekař, Skoda’s head of after-sales said: “The Sound Analyzer app is an excellent example of the new opportunities that digitization at ŠKODA can create, including in terms of after-sales. We will continue to constantly use artificial intelligence technologies to offer our customers an even more personalized service, thus enhancing the customer experience even more. ”

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