Buying Used SmartPhone? 5 Things To Keep In Mind

The country’s smartphone market has undergone major changes due to the Coronavirus.

Recently a report had revealed that the market of Used Smartphone in India has increased in the last few months.

Demand for refurbished i.e. used smartphones is more than ever in public. The main reason for this is the online class of children is being considered.

More than one smartphone is now felt in almost every household because mobile has become necessary for the education of children.

Parents of children are looking for used smartphones priced at no expense on new smartphones. Such a mobile phone is easily available on the online platform.

If you too are looking for an old phone or are selling your phone, today through our article, we are going to tell you 5 important points that you must read before buying or selling used smartphones.

1. Make sure there is no fraud

There are many websites and e-commerce market places that sell used and refurbished smartphones.

Those who sell and buy used smartphones are also easily found on social media.

If you too are going to do such a phone call and purchase, then try to get such a deal face to face.

If buyers and sellers meet in society or locality, then it is even better.

Often online talk and promises are proved wrong later, so doing so will reduce the chances of the person getting fraud.

2. Run the phone for about 15 minutes

Everyone has the desire to buy a smartphone.

On the other hand, when the used smartphone is your favorite model, which is being available at a very low price, then happiness is different.

In this happiness, people often see the phone from outside but do not operate it. If you are buying a phone, then run that phone continuously for at least 15 minutes.

By doing this, the processing power, frame rate, hanging problem, etc. of the phone are known.

Nowadays, you cannot remove the battery in smartphones, but after running the phone continuously for some time, there is also a chance of heating problems.

Yes, if the battery opens then make sure that it is not fake or bloated.

3. Check not just the look but also the ports and lenses

After a long wait, you are getting a favorite smartphone and that too at half the price of the market price, so try to make it your own as soon as possible.

The phone looks absolutely clean and there is no scratch on the screen, it is a pleasure to see. At the same time, if there are not too many bruises on the body of the phone.

In such eagerness, people see the external look of the phone but often do not pay attention to things like the port, mic, speaker, and camera lens.

These are some such parts of the mobile, so you do not feel necessary to listen to the saying, but when the phone is used, without these the mobile does not have any value.

Remember to check the USB port to see if there is any problem with charging.

Similarly, check the phone’s mic and speaker by calling anywhere.

Make sure to confirm the camera lens by taking photos from the front and rear cameras.

4. Must match IMEI number with bill and box

The first thing to be sure is to take the invoice bill of the smartphone you are buying and the retail box of the phone.

If it is being said on behalf of the phone seller that the bill or box is defective or lost, then take a written or video proof of this statement.

If the phone was purchased from an online shopping site, then an e-invoice can be easily removed from there.

Whichever bill or box you have received, definitely get the IMEI number and IMEI number of the phone once. By doing so it will become clear that he is a genuine device.

You can dial * # 06 # from it to know the IMEI of the phone.

Remember that if the phone being purchased is dual sim then its IMEI number will also be two. Please check both numbers.

5. Avoid virtual payments

Buyers are found online, but whether it is fraud or not, it is necessary to meet them.

Similarly, while purchasing a used smartphone, try not to make a virtual or online payment.

At least not until the phone is received. Often phone sellers send a link and ask for a check or payment, try to open such links if you do not recognize that person properly. If necessary, use a secure device only.

Here we also want to instruct people who sell their phones that while selling your phone, you take out the necessary data from it and reset the phone completely.

Similarly, on the bill or other important documents, you must remove your sensitive details like phone number, Aadhar card, and home address, etc.


In addition to these points, we are sure that you will review the list of hardware and reviews of the device you are about to buy.

To inspect the phone, you will need to meet the seller in person.

There is always the risk of being scammed when buying used smartphones and therefore make sure to buy from a reliable source and bargain well depending on the age of the smartphone.

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